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The men in my life

It was the summer of 2010. I was working in California. Something about work was eating me up. “You don’t look happy. Something needs to change and YOU need to be the one who makes that change” – I came

I am available

“I am available” – a 24 year old me said to a room of 4 young men. I didn’t mean I was available for a date 🙂 But I was available and ready to take on a new career adventure.

Last Week’s Trolling

Why are you always the one to sit on the left-rear seat of a chauffeur driven car? Why does this shopkeeper think I cannot pay for my saree? Why does this uncle think that my job is limited to the

I am not Wife material

I am married. I have a husband whom I am friends with. We are blessed with 2 kids. We live in a true “Indian joint family” with my father, my sister-in-law, my husband’s niece, my nephew and occasionally my in-laws

After the march madness

After the ‘March Madness’ of closing the books, I got some time to breathe this week 🙂 I took a brief moment to think about the changes my personal life and the business has seen. Thought I would share some

Why are enough men NOT leading at home

Why are enough men NOT leading at HOME? Why are enough women NOT leading at WORK?  For the first part, my wife thinks – it’s the upbringing/home environment. Their early adult years never gave these boys an opportunity to learn

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