Why are enough men NOT leading at HOME? Why are enough women NOT leading at WORK? 

For the first part, my wife thinks – it’s the upbringing/home environment. Their early adult years never gave these boys an opportunity to learn household chores, make home-related decisions, or challenge themselves with cooking experiments amongst many other things. To expect these men to now shine at home is a far-fetched dream.

And just like that, most young women move through their careers without getting an opportunity to get groomed for the top roles! In most cases, it doesn’t even seem like a possibility.

This “preparation” can’t suddenly happen one day when men are already fathers and women are already years-deep in their careers. Starting that late means there are far fewer people to impact and far more change to bring about. This preparation for future roles has to start early for it to truly make an impact and for us to all #EmbraceEquity in a meaningful way. Well, some families have realized it, and groom their boys early! Some organizations have realized it too & they champion women team members early in their careers. 

With HR30under30’s Young HR Leader Certification also, we have noticed that organizations are choosing this young leader development initiative to champion many of their young women HR professionals. For the first time, almost 65% of registrations for this year’s HR30under30 are women.

In case you haven’t already championed the young (under-30) women HR professionals from your organization for HR30under30 – join the bandwagon to build future leaders today 🙂 We intend to develop 1000 such young leaders, both men and women! So do nominate under-30 men as well 🙂

Wishing you all a meaningful International Women’s Day, Month and Year 🙂

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