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360 degree feedback platform

360 Degree Feedback

Admin fatigue can drain your business!

Customizing competencies, scales & reports takes forever.

Rater fatigue is all too real!

People often have to rate multiple participants - leading to disinterest & low completion rates.

Business fatigue can derail projects!

Overblown admin & tech costs can make projects impractical!

ECHO360 Reimagines it all!

It is the easiest way to administer, customize, deliver & complete multi-rater feedback surveys.

When done right, a simple 360 degree feedback exercise can be a powerful way to gather perception gaps, identify hidden strengths, uncover blind spots and understand managerial effectiveness. 

It lets organizations collect anonymous feedback from a variety of stakeholders such as self, direct reportees, peers, managers, senior managers and, wherever applicable, customers. Depending on the range of feedback required, our platform also lets you configure a 90 degree, 180 degree or 270 degree feedback.

This information becomes crucial for Training Needs Identification, High Potential Identification, Performance Appraisal and Leadership development decisions! But no one is happy with the strain on admins, raters and the business.

Read on to see how ECHO360 relieves some of the admin, rater and business fatigue you may be facing!


Customizable Client Experience

Customizations at the click of a button - Reducing admin fatigue!

Efficient Admin Experience

Allows partners to optimize clerical effort required in creating bespoke exercises, mapping stakeholders and driving completion.

Modern Rater Experience

Optimized rating experience with our Parallel Rating Feature - Tackling rater fatigue!

Our Off Shelf Frameworks

Jombay has conceptualized four standard frameworks - each including behaviors that are unique
to the everyday context of the candidate’s experience level.

Dynamic pricing slabs to halve the cost! Relieving business fatigue

A 360 feedback survey collects responses from multiple perspectives. It helps measure:

Professional competencies and skills

Role specific Behavioral traits

Perceptions about the employee

Subjective subjects

(like leadership qualities, ability to work in a team and communication effectiveness)

Performance in specific work situations

Test Description

360 degree feedback stands apart from conventional appraisals because of its multi-rater approach. The platform collects ratings from multiple sources to get feedback from peers, bosses, direct reports, and customers.

Depending on the range of feedback required, we can also configure a 90 degree, 180 degree or 270 degree feedback on the same tool.

It is rolled out in the form of a survey where feedback-givers rate the feedback-seekers. The platform allows participants to rate individually, all at once or as per role. These ratings parameters are related to relevant skills, competencies and behaviors. 

Survey Response Time

20-30 Mins

Target Audience

Middle Managers, Senior Leaders

Content Customization



English + Multiple Languages are supported

ECHO360 Leadership Model

Jombay’s standard Leadership model is inspired by Scouller’s 3P model of Leadership. The three main pillars of leadership described by Scouller are:

Public Leadership

Public leadership is about leading larger groups, serving and guiding the group or business as a whole.

Behaviors under Public Leadership are:  Propelling Vision, Driving Teamwork and Collaboration, Driving Execution Excellence, Nurturing Excellence Orientation, Driving Innovation, Strategic Agility, Fostering Team Harmony, Driving Performance

Private Leadership

Private leadership is one-to-one handling of individuals.

Behaviors under Private Leadership are: Coaching and Mentoring, Developing and Nurturing Relationships, Having Meaningful Conversations, Influencing and Making Impact

Personal Leadership

Personal Leadership is the leader’s psychological, moral, and technical development and its effect on the presence and behavior – and therefore on the people around him. 

Behaviors under Personal Leadership are: Self Reliance, Emotional Intelligence, Development Orientation

ECHO360 Point of View

ECHO360 reports help the candidates and the organization through a visual representation of the underlying perception gaps between the self rating and the stakeholder rating. Self rating is the reflection of one’s ideal self and stakeholder rating is believed to be the reference point for reality. People by nature are motivated to reach a place where self concept is closely aligned to the perceptions specifically in the professional settings. Thus, they become more motivated to work on themselves, if they observe a gap between what others perceive them as and their own rating to minimize the gap.

This leads us to propose that perception gaps are the biggest take-away from a 360 degree feedback report. Jombay categorizes them in 3 sections.


Stakeholder rating and self rating are the same.

Negative Difference:

Stakeholder rating is lesser than the self rating.

Positive Difference:

Stakeholder ratings are more than the self ratings.

Overly Confident:

Some people give themselves very high ratings while receiving lower ratings from all others. It can be humbling to accept this 360 degree feedback.

Overly Critical:

They might rate themselves low, and receive consistently higher ratings from all others. They may be holding back what is possible.

Out Of Favor With Boss:

From time to time, a person receives fairly good ratings from everyone except their manager. It may be that this person is easy to get along with, but fails to produce sufficient results.

Managing The Boss:

If a person receives consistently high ratings from the Manager, even when all others give lower ratings, there is evidence that much time and attention is placed on “serving the Manager.”

Managing The Turf:

If a person receives high ratings from the Manager and the Peers, but low ratings from Direct Reports. The needs of those above and around the person are being met, even if subordinates struggle.


Individual Contributors

Junior Managers

Middle Managers


Use Cases

Training Needs Identification

Performance Appraisal

High-Potential Identification

Leadership Development

Why use ECHO360?

Bespoke Solutions

Customize the experience by adding employer branding and creating your own specific job profiles.

Modern Day Leadership Model

80% of the business leaders and executive coaches interviewed on their experience with Jombay’s model have said that this comprehensively covers the aspects of the leaders in the VUCA world. The 3P model has been observed to be more relatable to the candidates across levels and industries. It talks about the aspects needed by leaders in the organization at all levels

Increased Self-Awareness

When the individual compares their self rating with other’s ratings, he/she gets a deeper understanding of how they are perceived by others in the organization. Agreement Areas, Perceived Positive Differences and Perceived Negative Differences are highlighted

Balanced And Holistic Perspective

Individuals get a balanced view of their skills and behaviors, since feedback is not just from the supervisor, but from a variety of people in the organization. This kind of feedback is therefore perceived to be more constructive and easier to accept for the individual. 

Helps Design More Effective Training And Development Plans

The multi-rater feedback method helps identify hidden strengths and areas of improvement that were unknown to the individual. Thus, it allows for the creation of a tailored development and training plan

Increased Participation And Ownership

The multi-rater feedback is perceived as being fair and more accurate than feedback received just from the supervisor. This encourages the individual to take a central role in their own development and also increases the engagement of employees in the feedback process.

Globally relevant

Available in different languages on request.

Customers who have experienced this tool

Secure & Reliable


We can integrate with your ATS, LMS, HRMS!

Build your custom talent solution.
Through Jombay’s assessment technology platform, ECHO360 can easily be combined with other assessments, simulations and video interviewing tools to create a bespoke solution for your organization’s specific requirements.

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