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Entrepreneurial Acumen Assessment


In today’s fast-paced world, entrepreneurial mindset is an essential disposition. It refers to a set of beliefs, thought processes, and ways of viewing the world that drives entrepreneurial behavior. Acu-13 Assessment explores entrepreneurial acumen by tapping into the ability to innovate, think strategically, and plan effectively. 


The assessment consists of 3 salient clusters tapping into 13 unique dimensions.


Envisions- Plans for the future by creating a clear business vision.

Articulates- Paints a compelling picture of the vision.

Anchors- Drives others to execute the vision.

Navigates- Navigates uncertain and ambiguous situations.


Investigative- Tests out new ideas and methods.

Ingenious- Applies multiple perspectives to look beyond established practices.

Zealous- Masters existing capabilities through a learning outlook.

Resourceful- Innovates within constraints.

Dynamic- Adapts to a variety of situations and individuals.


Capitalizing- Seizes strategic opportunities to drive growth.

Discerning- Identifies and evaluates possible risks and their effects.

Preemptive- Creates contingencies to overcome potential roadblocks.

Swift- Harbors a bias towards action and adopts an iterative approach.

Use Cases


High-Potential Identification

Development & Promotions

Test Description

Each dimension consists of a set of statements that are presented to the participant. The short statement is followed by response options on a 4 point Likert scale (For example: Disagree to Agree). Participants are required to select one option out of four. There are no right or wrong answers. Instead, scores are used to determine where the participant stands on the dimension continuum. 

Testing Time

30-40 Minutes

Target Audience

Middle Managers, Senior Leaders


English + Other Languages on request


Our experts with I/O Psychology backgrounds follow guidelines of the BPS (British Psychological Society)


The ACU-13 Entrepreneurial Acumen Assessment is inspired by theories of entrepreneurship and business acumen by eminent psychologists like David McClelland, Frederick Frese and Joseph Schumpeter.

Rigour of Tool

Our tools come with robust reliability and validity standards and are based on validated scientific theories and practices.

Reliability refers to the degree to which a test or assessment is consistent and stable in measuring what it is intended to measure. There are several methods to understand a scale’s reliability. The measure of reliability for this assessment was computed through the test-retest method. Test-retest reliability was chosen as it helps to understand the extent to which the tool produces consistent scores when used on two different occasions. The test-retest reliability coefficients for the dimensions of Jombay’s Acu-13 Assessment ranged from 0.64 to 0.73.

Internal consistency reliability of the dimensions of the Acu-13 Assessment was also computed. Internal consistency reliability was chosen as it measures the extent to which all of the items in a scale are measuring the same underlying dimension. The internal consistency of multi-item scales can be assessed by coefficient alpha. The alpha coefficients for all the dimensions of Acu-13 Assessment ranged from 0.51 to 0.82.

Validity assesses the degree to which a scale measures the construct that it claims to measure. Content Validity is addressed after an assessment has been created. Reputed experts from academia and industry (N=15) rated each item to indicate the degree to which it was aligned to a particular dimension and was perceived as important for measurement. Acu-13 dimensions have content validity ratios (CVR) ranging between 0.65 to 0.91, with a CVR closer to 1 indicative of higher agreement among the raters on the relevance of each item within the dimension. The high range indicates that items within a dimension examine all the targeted aspects of the dimension.

Predictive validity was also computed. Predictive validity is established by comparing an individual’s performance on an assessment to his/her future performance on a set of predetermined criteria. To establish predictive validity, a pool of candidates was identified. For these candidates, independent behavioral ratings on all dimensions from managers or immediate stakeholders were recorded. The predictive validity coefficient for Jombay’s Acu-13 Assessment was found to be 0.5.

Norms consist of data that help determine the relative standing of an individual who has taken a test. In itself, a candidate’s score has little meaning. Hence, it is hence essential that the test score must be interpreted as indicating the candidate’s position relative to others in the candidate’s group.

Acu-13 Assessment has a defined set of global norms which includes all data across industries, functions, and experience levels. Norming has been done at the dimension level and is based on the mean and standard deviation of the sample. Jombay norm data is annually updated.

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Take a look at the individual report that is delivered to candidates who take the ACU-13 Entrepreneurial Acumen Assessment

Why use ACU-13 Entrepreneurial
Acumen Assessment?

The benefits of Entrepreneurial mindset extend well beyond entrepreneurship!
By measuring dimensions needed to plan for the future, manage risks, learn from failure, think creatively and identify opportunities, Acu-13 powers your talent decisions and enables an agile workforce.

Enabling People

An introspective and empowering experience to unravel one’s entrepreneurial acumen. 

Seamless Experience

Easy to navigate interface. Deploy our assessments and get fast results. 

Insightful Reports

Decipher reports with ease. Get insights into entrepreneurial mindset & underlying dimensions.

Build your custom talent solution.
Through Jombay’s assessment technology platform, the ACU 13 Entrepreneurial Acumen Assessment can easily be combined with other assessments, simulations and video interviewing tools to create a bespoke solution for your organization’s specific requirements.

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