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Future Ready


Managerial playbooks have drastically evolved in the last few years. The Jombay Insights team extensively curated opinions from 200+ expert academic and business citations to study what they had to say on the changing leadership playbook.

Through our research and practical experience of working with managers globally, we have identified 13 modern competencies that a great emerging manager imbibes.

What stands out is the ability of these managers to demonstrate inner elasticity, radical empathy, to balance paradoxes and showcase non-linear thinking among others. As a result, the teams and organizations they lead are able to adapt and pivot faster in uncertain times.

Future Ready Manager Competency Framework

We have spotted 13 competencies that a great emerging manager imbibes.

Leading CORE:

Inner Elasticity, Psychological Stamina, Digital Dexterity

Leading CREW:

Radical Empathy, Collective Performance, Balancing Paradoxes, Connected Leadership

Leading CLIENT:

Collaborative Partnerships, Client Custodianship, Brand Stewardship

Leading COMPANY:

Non-linear Thinking, Impact Thinking, Championing Wellness

Assessment Tools for Future Ready Manager

Our experiential simulations and behavioral assessments help you to understand the potential of an emerging manager based on our Future Ready Manager competency framework.

Our Future Ready Manager Assessments measure up to 13 competencies. You can choose to build your assessment on the entire set or pick those that work best for your context.

You can pick a solution that is fully virtual, or blended (with assessor involvement) to give you the right mix of virtual and human intervention in your high potential identification process.


Identify and assess the personality profile that is the best fit for a future leader at your organization. For example, are they creative, empathetic and committed to driving change? 

Inbox (Day in Life) Simulation

Use this immersive simulation to see how your employees will behave in future leadership roles and situations.

Leadership Challenges Series​

Assess employees on responses to challenging situations that they might encounter at work in a simulated work environment. 

Behavioral Event Interview

BEIs on Jomaby’s Video Interviewing Platform add a human element to your assessment process.


Individual Contributors

Junior Managers

Middle Managers

Why Use Jombay’s Future Ready Manager Solution?

Jombay’s Future Ready Manager Solution is widely used to understand the potential of an emerging manager based on our Future Ready Manager competency framework.Given below are the various benefits of using Jombay’s Future Ready Manager Solution.

Relevant to the new normal

 Stay relevant to the new definitions of managerial success.

Solutions at Scale

Implement virtual and scalable solutions to reach a wider set of employees, across geographies in a shorter period of time.

Influence the life cycle of an employee

Use insights from our assessments to power data driven decisions on developing and retaining talent.

Curated for the Future Ready Manager

Modern definitions of managerial success & learning


Take a look at the analytics and insights that are provided, on completion of a future ready manager assessment.

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