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As the world changes, the definitions of what it takes to be a great manager and leader are constantly evolving. Your future-ready managers may not resemble your current leadership team at all! Organizations need an accurate preview of who their future leaders are going to be.

And it becomes critical to identify these High Potential employees early – you cannot afford to just overlook an important future leader!

Use Jombay’s solutions to identify these high potential employees and make objective, data driven decisions. Our assessment solutions will enable you to identify strengths, gaps and create custom development programs for your cohorts – leading them to become successful at the future roles you have marked them for.

Jombay’s Hi-Po Model

Jombay’s High Potential (HiPo) identification and development solution is a leadership assessment based on gauging 3 critical behavioral pillars. They comprehensively measure aspects of an individual’s personality, behaviors, analytical thinking, critical thinking and need for achievement in order to assess leadership readiness and growth potential.


The innate motivators and aspirations of an individual to take on a variety of challenging roles and tasks.

Cognitive Flexibility

A person’s flexibility and change readiness to new things – it enables individuals to adapt to dynamic business environments.

Learned Behaviors

An individual’s behavioral competencies that determine his/her capabilities to be on an accelerated growth path

Assessment Tools for High Potential Identification

Jombay has a wide variety of scientifically validated HIPO Assessment Tools – personalized to meet your talent requirements and provide a comprehensive overview of your organization. These can be fully virtual, or blended (with assessor involvement) to give you the right mix of virtual and human intervention in your high potential identification process.


Identify and assess the personality profile that is the best fit for a future leader at your organization. For example, are they creative, empathetic and committed to driving change?

Critical Thinking Assessment

Assess critical thinking ability and predict performance in fast-paced leadership positions requiring high-level thinking and analysis.

Situational Judgement Test

Assess employees on responses to challenging situations that they might encounter at work in a simulated work environment. 

Inbox (Day in Life) Simulation

Use this immersive simulation to see how your employees will behave in future leadership roles and situations.

360 Degree Feedback

Gain a holistic understanding of your employees, from multiple stakeholders.

Video Interviews / Role Plays

Implement assessor led interventions on Jomaby’s Video Interviewing Platform to add a human element to your assessment process.


Individual Contributors

Junior Managers

Middle Managers


Why Use Jombay’s High Potential Identification Solution?

Jombay’s High Potential Identification Solution is widely used to identify strengths, gaps and create custom development programs for your high potential employees – leading them to become successful at the future roles you have marked them for. Given below are the various benefits of using Jombay’s High Potential Identification Solution.

Relevant for all experience levels

Use our scientific high potential assessments for all experience levels at your organization from Junior Managers and Middle Managers to Senior Leaders.

Solutions at Scale

Implement virtual and scalable solutions to reach a wider set of employees, across geographies in a shorter period of time.

Cost Effective Assessments

Select from our bank of assessments to match your price point.

Influence the life cycle of an employee

Use insights from our assessments to power data driven decisions on developing and retaining talent.


Take a look at the analytics and insights that are provided, on completion of a high potential assessment exercise.

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