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A thriving organization requires a steady flow of capable leadership. Who in your organization will step up when business pivots, retirements happen, or unexpected changes occur? You don’t want to be caught making rash decisions about your next leaders, or be caught unprepared. As the world bounces back, business disruption continues, and regulatory pressures grow, staying ahead of key talent decisions has become imperative..

Succession planning is a process for identifying and developing future leaders at an organization – across levels. Succession planning addresses the inevitable changes that occur when individuals resign, retire, are let go, or go on a leave of absence. 

Use Jombay’s solutions to make objective, data driven decisions to ensure you have a strong talent pipeline and an efficient succession planning strategy, We create customized solutions specific to your organizational context. Our assessment tools help you assess the current leadership capability of internal candidates and also give you clear insights about their future potential. 

We give you rich, validated and scientific data so you can implement a fair and robust succession planning strategy. Our experts can help to identify, assess and develop your talent – leading them to become successful at the future roles you have marked them for.

Jombay’s Model for Succession Planning

Jombay’s succession planning methodology gauges individuals on 3 impact areas: Potential, Performance, Perception. The succession planning model can also be contextualized to an organization’s context by mapping it to Jombay’s cardinal framework


is measured by mapping an organization’s expectations and competencies to Jombay’s BIPOC Cardinal Framework anchors.


score is obtained from already existing performance management systems that indicate an individual’s contribution to the business.


evaluates successors on the 3P model of leadership (Public Leadership, Personal Leadership and Private Leadership). 

Assessment Tools for Succession Planning:

Jombay has a wide variety of scientifically validated Succession Planning Tools – personalized to meet your talent requirements and provide a comprehensive overview of your organization. These can be fully virtual, or blended (with assessor involvement) to give you the right mix of virtual and human intervention in your succession planning process.


Identify and assess the personality profile that is the best fit for a future leader at your organization. For example, are they creative, empathetic and committed to driving change?

Critical Thinking Assessment

Assess critical thinking ability and predict performance in fast-paced leadership positions requiring high-level thinking and analysis.

Leadership Challenges Series

Assess employees on responses to challenging situations that they might encounter at work in a simulated work environment. 

Leadership Deep Dive Interviews

Implement assessor led interventions on Jombay’s Video Interviewing Platform to add a human element to your assessment process. Leadership Deep Dive Interview also covers aspirations of an individual/ participant.

360 Degree Feedback

Perception based survey can be deployed to have a Potential-Perception perspective, if needed.


Individual Contributors

Junior Managers

Middle Managers


Why Use Jombay’s Succession Planning Solution?

Jombay’s Succession Planning Solution is widely used for identifying and developing future leaders at an organization. Given below are the various benefits of using Jombay’s Succession Planning Solution.

Bespoke Solutions

Define what leadership success means for your organization and identify the right talent for the next levels.

Relevant for all experience levels

Use our scientific succession planning solution to plan your future teams for middle and senior experience levels at your organization.

Solutions at Scale

Implement virtual and scalable solutions to reach a wider set of employees, across geographies in a shorter period of time.

Cost Effective Assessments

Select from our bank of assessments to match your price point.

Data driven decisions

Ground your promotion and succession planning decisions firmly on data to ensure an unbiased, informed process.


Take a look at the analytics and insights that are provided, on completion of a succession planning assessment exercise.

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