“Curious Case of the Missing CHRO-to-be” is Jombay’s latest white paper on what the CHRO of tomorrow needs to be!

Understand how the new age CHRO will address the challenge of becoming a master of many trades, not just a jack with one or two acts.


The CHRO of Tomorrow Program fast tracks your path to the top job!


The “CHRO of Tomorrow” is a different leader than the one we see inhabiting this role today. As the world of work reinvents itself, so should the HR leader. The fundamental anchors of this program have been designed to be relevant to this “CHRO of Tomorrow”.

It is a program where today’s CXOs will be building CHROs of Tomorrow! This 6 month program goes beyond the academic view to bring in a novel practitioner approach through mentoring, hackathons, whitepapers & learning circles. Participants will be groomed to embody various CHRO personas, each contributing uniquely to the world of HR leadership.


Through it, we bring knowledge, conversations, camaraderie, stimulation, actors, directors, and audience – all under one roof.

Learning – Experience – Exposure

How will you become the
next CHRO?

The CHRO of Tomorrow fast tracks your path to the top job! Here are some of the ways in which we enable this:

New Age Curriculum:

The program focuses on future needs for the CHRO of Tomorrow. The curriculum is meticulously crafted to encompass the latest trends, strategies, and technologies shaping the HR landscape. Participants will stay ahead with up-to-the-minute industry knowledge.

CXOs building CHROs:

Industry renowned faculty of CXOs will train, mentor, teach and build the CHROs of tomorrow.

Practitioner’s View:

The program integrates academic and practitioner views - through mentoring, hackathons, whitepapers & learning circles

Aspirational Peer Group:

With some of the smartest peers, the peer learning experience is exceptional through action learning and thought leadership projects

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Learning Experiences

In the CHRO Of Tomorrow program, experiential learning methodologies blend seamlessly with industry insights, mentorship, and
practical application.

> Engage with renowned industry experts as they lead thought-provoking sessions.

> Gain insights from influential opinion leaders and their published works.

> Harness Jombay's wealth of knowledge derived from years of cross-industry collaboration.

> Cultivate your thought leadership under the guidance of industry experts.

> Participate in stimulating peer-to-peer discussions and collaborative learning.

> Receive mentorship to refine your thought presentation and delivery.

> Engage in interactive learning circles where you collaboratively explore emerging HR trends and challenges.

> Participate in hackathons to develop innovative solutions to real-world HR problems.

> Apply design thinking principles to tackle complex HR issues.

> Immerse yourself in active learning projects that provide hands-on experience in addressing strategic HR challenges.

> Work on real projects guided by industry experts, applying your knowledge and creativity to find solutions.

> Connect with a diverse group of HR professionals, fostering a robust peer learning environment.

> Exchange insights, experiences, and best practices with your peers, enriching your understanding of HR leadership.

> CXOs will be building CHROs of tomorrow! Access industry-specific guidance and mentorship from CXOs.

> Receive personalized guidance and feedback to accelerate your growth as an HR leader.


Our Think Tank & Guest Faculty

At the heart of our CHRO Of Tomorrow program is a distinguished think tank of industry experts who bring unparalleled insights, knowledge and a practitioner’s view to the learning experience.

These seasoned professionals are not just educators; they are accomplished practitioners who have made significant contributions to the world of HR leadership.

Amit Malik

President Japan Asia Pacific & Australia, WadzPay

Amit Sharma

Vice President, Head - People & Culture, Volvo Group

Archana Shiroor

Chief Human Resources Officer, YES BANK

Bhuvaneswar Naik

Chief Human Resources Officer, Lentra

Dilip Sinha

Chief Human Resources Officer, Vedanta Limited

Guruvayurappan PV

Chief Human Resources Officer, Omega Healthcare

Madhavi Lall

Managing Director, Head - HR, India, Deutsche Bank

Manu Arora

Head - Human Resources, Magicbricks

Milind Apte

Chief Human Resources Officer, KEC International

Mona Cheriyan

President & Group Head HR,
Thomas Cook India Limited

PV Ramana Murthy

Managing Partner,
Pinsight By PV

Pawan Bhageria

President Global HR, IT, Admin & Education, Tata Technologies

Rajesh Kurup

Chief Human Resources Officer, RASI SEEDS

Rajkamal Vempati

Head Human Resources, Axis Bank

Ravi Kyran

Chief Human Resources Officer, Bajaj Auto Ltd

Ravi Kumar

Senior President & Chief People Officer, Page Industries Ltd

Rupesh Tripathi

Partner & Head of People, Performance & Culture, KPMG Global Services

Shanta Vallury Gandhi

Member Board of Directors, TMI Network

Shobha Swarup

Vice President Human Resources, Diversey

Shraddhanjali Rao

Head HR -
Google, India

Srini Vudumula

Chief Operating Officer, Novulis Consulting

Sukhjit Pasricha

Group Chief Human Resources Officer, Indigo

Sumanth Nayak

Chief Human Resources Officer, Societe Generale Global Solution Centre

Tarun N P Varma

Global Chief Human Resources Officer, Tata Consumer Products

Unmesh Pawar

Chief People Officer South Asia, dentsu international

Vibhash Naik

Chief Human Resource Officer, HDFC Life

Think Tank:

Here is how our Think Tank brings a true practitioner’s view to the program:

Rich Industry Experience:

Our faculty members boast decades of hands-on experience in the field of HR leadership. They have navigated through complex HR challenges, honing their expertise in the real world.

Cutting-Edge Knowledge:

Committed to staying at the forefront of HR trends, our faculty continuously update their knowledge. They are well-versed in the latest tools, technologies, and strategies shaping the HR landscape.

Interactive Learning:

Through roundtable discussions and guest appearances in master classes, our faculty fosters an interactive and engaging learning environment. They encourage lively debates, share real-world case studies, and challenge participants to think critically.

Mentoring Excellence:

In mentoring sessions, our faculty provides personalized guidance, drawing on their extensive experience to help participants navigate their unique career paths and challenges.

Global Perspective:

Our faculty members bring a global perspective to the program, having worked in diverse cultural and business environments. They offer insights that transcend borders, enriching participants' understanding of HR leadership on a global scale.

Network Opportunities:

Engaging with our faculty means connecting with influential figures in the HR world. Their networks become your networks, opening doors to a world of opportunities and collaboration.

Program Curriculum Overview:

The CHRO Of Tomorrow program offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to develop versatile HR leaders. 
Participants will be groomed to embody various CHRO personas, each contributing uniquely to the world of HR leadership. 
The format of delivery is intentionally diverse, encompassing self-study, collaborative group learning, hands-on assignments,
face-to-face sessions, 
and immersive online experiences, all facilitated by industry experts. 

This multifaceted approach ensures that you acquire a well-rounded understanding of HR leadership in various contexts.

Persona 1: The Impact Creator

  • Agile Leadership for Building an Adaptive Organization (Recorded Session)
  • Leveraging the India Story in Global Contexts (Recorded Session)
  • Storytelling in the Boardroom (LIVE Masterclass)
  • From Chequebook Charity to Impactful ESG (Thought Leadership Module)

Persona 2: The Business Partner

  • Rethinking Talent Strategy for Business Strategy (LIVE Masterclass)
  • Delivering Business Value Through People Processes (LIVE Masterclass)
  • Financial Acumen for a Talent Strategist (LIVE Masterclass)
  • Linking HR metrics to organizational performance (Thought Leadership Module)

Persona 3: The Intrapreneur

  • Bringing Innovation to The Everyday HR (LIVE Masterclass)
  • Deciphering Data for Decision Making (LIVE Masterclass)
  • Thinking Transformation for an Unseen World (Recorded Session)
  • The Science of Crisis Management (Thought Leadership Module)

Persona 4: The Culture Architect

  • The Art of Culture-Building (LIVE Masterclass)
  • Bridging the gap to Equity (Recorded Session)
  • Connecting behavior to Bottomline (Recorded Session)
  • Making Sense of HR in Tomorrow’s India (Thought Leadership Module)

Persona 5: The Experience Designer

  • Re-learning Empathy for a New World (LIVE Masterclass)
  • Design Thinking for a Modern Employee Experience (LIVE Masterclass)
  • Embracing Technology to deliver People Impact (Thought Leadership Module)
  • Wellness for the Modern Workforce (Thought Leadership Module)

Persona 6: The Talent Steward

  • Reimagining the CHRO of Tomorrow (LIVE Masterclass)
  • The A and B of C-suite (Recorded Session)
  • Learning as a Way of Work (Thought Leadership Module)
  • Future-proofing the changing Organization (Thought Leadership Module)

Persona 7: The Astute Director

  • Navigating Emerging Risks and Security Issues (Thought Leadership Module)
  • Corporate Governance for an accountable Workforce (Recorded Session)
  • Negotiating out of adverse situations (Recorded Session)
  • Demystifying Labour Laws (Thought Leadership Module)

Persona 8: The Charismatic Leader

  • Staying Ahead and Staying Sane (LIVE Masterclass)
  • Accelerating your transition into the CHRO role (Recorded Session)
  • Purpose-Driven Personal Branding (Thought Leadership Module)

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What’s New

A Neurological Pivot for Mindset Shift

Through the program, we integrate neurological & behavioral techniques to guide participants into adopting the mindset, behaviors & footsteps of a CHRO so that our future human capital leaders can walk the talk.

Each module & format activates a different cognitive area of the brain, making this program a holistic and integrated exercise in recruiting neurological activity across the entire brain.

Key Milestones

Time Commitment

Traditional formats of delivering this curriculum may require a commitment of 260 hours.
But Jombay’s learning experiences employ a combination of  CXO led Master Classes, Thought Leadership Competitions, and Self Paced Learning to enable us to deliver this in 80-100 hours.


Admission Criteria

The CHRO of tomorrow program is designed for:

Alumni of our HR40under40 Future HR Leader Program

Alumni means paid participants of 2018 / 2019 / 2020 / 2022 batches & the 100under40 winners of the 2017 batch

Senior HR Professionals with 15+ years of work experience

with the aspiration and potential of becoming an HR Head/ CHRO. You could be overseeing functional operations across talent, people management, compensation, employee engagement, performance, and operations and aiming to develop strategic capabilities.


who want to keep up to date with the latest advances in the discipline. You would typically be in a position of offering counsel to senior leadership / board of directors and are in charge of aligning HR with business strategy.

Pricing Schedule

Full Program Pricing
31st January 2023
Rs 2,00,000 + GST

*NO REFUNDS are possible once payment has been made.

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What is the Honors List?

The Honors List is a recognition of excellence!

Based on the Thought Leadership Competition Score, Digital Learning Completion, Individual Project Score & Jury Round, an Honors List will be announced towards the end of the program

Alumni Benefits

Participants of the CHRO of Tomorrow Program will automatically become part of our HR alumni community – a vibrant set of 2400+ HR leaders. As an alumni member and part of this community, you will be eligible to receive:

Invitation to attend future Jombay alumni events (online and in-person)

Invitation to be Mentors & Jury Members for our HR30under30 ‘Young HR Leader’ program

Invitation to contribute in the form of thought leadership in our future conferences and conclaves.

Newsletters in the area of
HR Leadership

Access to private Whatsapp and LinkedIn Groups with fellow participants


Upon successful completion of the program, participants will be awarded a digital certificate of completion by Jombay. (Certificate images are for illustrative purposes only and may be subject to change at the discretion of Jombay).

Successful Completion requires completion of the Thought Leadership Presentation and submission of the project, completion of the Individual project and presentation, completion of 75% of the digital learning modules and 75% attendance on the live masterclasses

Why Jombay?

Jombay builds managers and leaders for this fast changing world of work.

We are known for our talent interventions with fortune 500 clients and for our wildly popular HR40under40, HR30under30 and women leadership programs.

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Here are our most commonly asked questions:

What is CHRO of Tomorrow?

CHRO of Tomorrow is a 6 month program that goes beyond the academic view to bring in a novel practitioner approach through mentoring, hackathons, whitepapers and learning circles. A program where today’s CXOs are building CHROs of Tomorrow!

What are the milestones?

The main components of the journey are:

  • CXO led Master Classes
  • Thought Leadership Competitions
  • Learning Circles & Hackathons
  • Active Learning Projects
  • Networking & Peer Learning
  • Mentoring
  • What topics are covered during the journey?

    Participants of this program will be groomed to achieve the following CHRO personas -

  • The Impact Creator
  • The Business Partner
  • The Intrapreneur
  • The Cultural Architect
  • The Experience Designer
  • The Talent Stewart
  • The Astute Director
  • The Charismatic Leader
  • Who is the program designed for?

    The program is designed for:

  • Alumni of our HR40under40 Future HR Leader Program
  • Senior HR Professionals with 15+ years of work experience
  • HR VPs, GMs, CHROs who want to keep up to date with the latest advances in the discipline.
  • Is this all online?

    The program is hybrid - with online and in-person components. The format of delivery is diverse, encompassing self-study, collaborative group learning, hands-on assignments, face-to-face sessions, and immersive online experiences.

    A path-breaking HR Leadership Program for senior HR professionals

    Apply now!!

    For any queries reach out to: CHRO@jombay.com