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Sometimes adding a human element to your assessment centers can add great value! Assessor Led interventions like Role Plays, Leadership Deep-dive Interviews, Behavioral Event Interviews (BEIs) and others are powered by our Video Interview Platform. These can be conducted virtually on Jombay’s Video Interview Platform, or in person. Take a look at some of the most commonly used assessor led tools we deploy:

Role Play

is a simulation exercise conducted face to face which aims at understanding certain competencies directly through active observation. We have 3 variants here; a customer role play, employee role play and business role play.

Behavioral Event Interview (BEI)

is a 1:1 interaction with an interviewer, focusing on the participant’s professional experience.

Innovation Exercise

is an activity where the participants present their innovative idea & business model to the Assessor. The activity assesses the way the participant is intended to make it a successful endeavor. Based on the presentation and discussion, the Assessor decides whether to invest in the idea.

Leadership Deep-Dive Interview

is a structured interview format that is used to collect information about the participant’s approach towards work and related situations both from a current and future point of view. It is inspired from the principles of Narrative Interviewing technique.

On our Video Interviewing Platform, administrators can:

Define competencies

Score participants

Make data driven decisions

Use Cases



High-Potential Identification

Leadership Development

Test Description

Jombay’s Assessor led tools (powered by our video interview platform) enable assessment takers to answer different questions laid out by the Assessors. These are related to the context set by the Role Play, BEI, Leadership Deep Dive Interview etc.

These help assessors get a complete picture of what a candidate can do and how they do it.  Jombay’s Assessor led tools create a uniform and unbiased experience for all candidates. So that the same set of criteria and questions are applicable to all.

For the Assessors, the video interview platform comes with an attached Assessor dashboard to facilitate real-time rating and BARS selection, along with capturing observations.

Testing Time

Recommended 60 Minutes

Target Audience

Across all levels in an organization where assessor led interventions are important

Relevant For Industries








Customers who have experienced this tool

Assessor Dashboard

Our intuitive assessor dashboard has smart text and personalization capabilities.

Why use Jombay’s Assessor Led Tools?

The Assessor Led Tools are widely used to a human element to your assessment centers. Given below are the various benefits of using the Assessor Led Tools.

Experiential user experience

Modern interface for assessment takers, administrators and assessors.

Intuitive assessor dashboard

With smart text and personalization capabilities

Make assessors efficient

Cut down the clerical job of assessors of writing offline comments and ratings and transferring them into online reports.

Cost Effective

Save time and money by conducting assessor led interventions virtually.


Build your custom talent solution.
Through Jombay’s assessment technology platform, assessor led tools can easily be combined with other assessments and simulations to create a bespoke solution for your organization’s specific requirements.

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