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It takes time for a sales person to fully imbibe the business context and become successful in his/her role. Our decade of work implementing assessments and programs for sales teams has given us clear insights into exactly what makes a sales team successful. We know that recognizing a sales person’s true potential can save an organization much time and money!

Jombay’s Competency Framework for Sales Assessments

Jombay has a competency based approach to measuring sales potential. Our Sales Assessments measure these behavioral and cognitive competencies critical to sales success in an organization.

Effective Communication

Conveys messages in an effective manner, that results in the audience agreeing with and aligning themselves with one’s communication. Tailors one’s communication style, the content of the message and one’s body language to ensure agreement and alignment among the various stakeholders.

Relationship Management

Builds, sustains, and leverages relationships with various internal and external stakeholders, in order to drive business growth and progress. Adopts strategies to sustain engagement within key professional relationships. 

Client Centricity

Discovers, understands, and addresses the stated and unstated expectations and needs of the client. Sets client needs as the highest priority by instilling the spirit that everyone but oneself is the client

Problem Solving

Drives a solution-oriented approach to problems characterized by careful analysis of the situation, identification of patterns and relationships, and the generation of effective, creative, and practical solutions.

Drive for Results

Moves swiftly from thoughts to concrete actions with a focus on achieving results. Sets challenging goals, maintains high-quality standards and ensures accountability with a self-driven outlook to achieving organizational goals. 

Assessment Tools for Sales Assessments

Jombay has a wide variety of scientifically validated Sales Assessment Tools – personalized to meet your talent requirements and can provide a comprehensive overview of your sales organization. These can be fully virtual, or blended (with assessor involvement) to give you the right mix of virtual and human intervention in sales talent interventions in your organization.


Identify and assess the personality profile that is the best fit for the sales team at your organization. For example, are they creative, empathetic and committed to driving change?

Inbox (Day in Life) Simulation

Use this immersive simulation to see how your sales employees will behave in future roles and situations.


Individual Contributors

(Inside, In-store & Field Salesperson)

Junior Managers

(Key Account Manager, Channel Sales Manager)

Middle Managers

(Area Sales Manager, Territory Sales Manager)


(Regional Sales Manager, Zonal Sales Manager)

Why Use Jombay’s Sales Assessment Solution?

Jombay’s Sales Assessments Solution is widely used to recognize a sales person’s true potential. Given below are the various benefits of using Jombay’s Sales Assessments Solution.

Relevant for all experience levels

Use our scientific sales assessments for all experience levels at your organization from front line sales teams to sales leaders, area managers and regional heads.

Solutions at Scale

Implement virtual and scalable sales assessment solutions to reach a wider set of employees, across geographies in a shorter period of time.

Evaluate sales potential

Understand, identify and assess what makes a sales employee successful. Build future teams by evaluating their sales potential.

Cost Effective Assessments

Select from our bank of assessments to match your price point.

Influence the life cycle of an employee

Use insights from our assessments to power data driven decisions on developing and retaining talent.


Take a look at the analytics and insights that are provided on completion of a sales assessment exercise. 

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