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The Leadership Challenges Series is a holistic and comprehensive managerial and leadership capability assessment that takes the assessment taker through a series of challenges that people leaders face regularly. 

It lets leaders step out of their normal day-to-day roles and experience the ”big picture”. Participants make decisions in a risk-free environment, experience critical interdependencies, and execute best practices. It gives individuals the chance to see the direct impact of their actions and the role they play in the organization’s strategy.

Organizations are relying on business simulations to build strategic alignment and execution capability. The more customized the simulation, the more experience assessment takers can bring back to the job.

In this interactive assessment, assessment takers experience a plethora of scenarios (in the form of caselets) requiring them to take vital actions and make critical decisions. Caselets may cover challenges pertaining to business, customer, operations and people. The varying scenarios make this platform feature-rich, with situations being represented in the form of emails, chat messages, matrices, SWOT analyses, reports, and videos. These require assessment takers to make timely decisions and ensure progress towards goal achievement.

The Leadership Challenges is available in 2 versions – auto scored and assessor scored (where the email responses are evaluated by assessors through Jombay’s Assessor dashboards.) It is also available in 5 industry variants – contextualized to the specific industry and talent challenges.

Use Cases

High-Potential Identification


Leadership Development

Test Description

The Leadership Challenges Series consists of multiple, sequential scenarios that are presented to the assessment taker. Each scenario is timed individually. Each scenario differs and may require the candidate to take different actions. Upon entering the scenario, participants will be presented with instructions specific to that scenario.


Assessor Scored

Testing Time

40-60 Minutes (Auto Scored)
70-98 Minutes (Assessor Scored)

Target Audience

Individual Contributors, First-time Managers, Junior Managers & Middle Managers

Industry Variants

Auto Scored version is available in 5 industry variants:

Sales, Retail, IT/ITeS, BFSI, Industry Agnostic

The Assessor scored version is industry agnostic

Content Customization

Yes. Organizations can provide content as per Jombay’s experiential Leadership Challenges Series template.


English, Spanish, Portuguese + Multiple Languages are supported


Our experts with I/O Psychology backgrounds follow guidelines of the BPS (British Psychological Society).


The Leadership Challenges Series draws on extant literature on situational leadership and conflict management. It is powered by content that is engaging, relevant, and interactive.

Key Dimensions Measured

Please note that the platform also has the capability to configure/accommodate clients’ behaviors on the system.

Autoscored Leadership Challenges Series

Strategic Acumen
Resource Allocation
Change Management
Collective Genius
Impactful Communication
Conflict Mitigation
Customer Centricity

Autoscored Leadership Challenges Series- Future Ready Managers

Resilience and Empathy
Remote Leadership
Cognitive Flexibility
Pragmatic Orientation
Digital Dexterity
Frugal Mindset

Assessor Scored Leadership Challenges Series

Inner Elasticity
Psychological Stamina
Digital Dexterity
Cognitive Velocity
Non-linear thinking
Impact Thinking
Championing Wellness

Rigour of Tool

Our tools come with robust reliability and validity standards and are based on validated scientific theories and practices.

For the autoscored Leadership Challenges Series, stability was assessed with test-retest administration. 104 people took the simulation twice, with the mean interval of 35 days. Coefficient was 0.51.

When the criterion is measured at the same time as the construct, criterion validity is referred to as concurrent validity. Concurrent validity is the degree to which the scores on a test are related to the scores on another, already established test, administered at the same time. However, other criteria can also be used.

Intercorrelations between the Leadership Challenges Series and an established RolePlay, were found to be significantly related. Adaptive Leadership was found to be significantly correlated with all the aspects measured by the Role Play such as Building Talent, Creating Collaborative Partnerships, Drive for Excellence and Innovating thinking. This pattern may reflect the relatively stronger relationship Adaptive Leadership has with responding to the people-related challenges posed during the role-play. Coefficients ranged from 0.31 to 0.72

By collecting test scores and criterion scores (e.g. job performance ratings, grades in a training course, supervisor or manager ratings), one can determine how much confidence may be placed in using test scores to predict job success. In such cases, criterion validity is referred to as predictive validity. In the business domain, using a validation sample of 235 candidates, it was reported that the overall composite scores on Leadership Challenges Series correlated .32 with panel interview ratings and .28 with performance ratings by the internal stakeholders.

Jombay Assessments have defined a global set of norms that include all data across industries, functions, and experience levels. For each assessment, Industry-Function-Experience level combinations are derived for norms with significant population data. Norming has been done at the trait level and is based on the mean and standard deviation for each sample. A data of at least 100 respondents per combination is considered as a significant population for generating norms. Norms are defined by taking the mean and the standard deviation of the sample’s scores and dividing the sample into 6 buckets. Jombay norm data is annually updated.

Jombay is committed to ensuring that its tests are of the highest quality and rigor and developed to be unbiased and culture fair. All items in this assessment use simple language that is easily understandable, are gender neutral, and are comprehensively evaluated during the development process.
Jombay ensures that its products are not offensive or controversial, do not reinforce stereotypical views of any group, are free of racial, ethnic, gender, socioeconomic, or other forms of bias, and are free of content believed to be inappropriate or derogatory towards any group.

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Customers who have experienced this tool


Take a look at the individual report that is delivered to candidates who take the Leadership Challenges Series.

Why use Jombay’s Leadership Challenges Series?

The Leadership Challenges Series is widely used to assess strategic alignment and execution capability. Given below are the various benefits of using the Leadership Challenges Series.

Experiential candidate experience

Intuitive interface for both assessment takers and administrators.

Integrated reporting

 Access the insights that matter most with our well designed reports.

Enhanced insight for managers

See how employees apply the concepts and theories they have learnt to a real life scenario. Assess executive capabilities – broadly and deeply.

Role Specific Insights

 Pinpoint what’s crucial for success in specific roles.

Globally relevant

Available in different languages on request

Cost Effective

Administer exercises quickly and easily and at scale to bring down costs.

Strengthen succession planning decisions

Create high impact teams by identifying role fitment.

Build your custom talent solution.
Through Jombay’s assessment technology platform, the Leadership Challenges Series can easily be combined with other assessments, simulations and video interviewing tools to create a bespoke solution for your organization’s specific requirements.

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