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Virtual Instructor
Led Trainings

Facilitator-led virtual sessions

Organizations are rapidly looking for opportunities to provide a safe and interactive learning experience to develop their leaders.

We have been designing and delivering development programs and workshops virtually for years. Whether it’s online, hybrid or remote – we’ve been doing this long before the world took these formats seriously.

So say goodbye to boring webinars! Let your teams learn in an unboring, immersive learning experience at our engaging VILTs.

These virtual sessions are led by one of our empanelled facilitators (specializing across sectors, topics and leadership levels) Together with a team of Instructional designers and program managers they work towards an effective program design and delivery. 

Powerful and Engaging Formats

Our VITLs are completely unboring!
We use “virtual” to our advantage to make sure that our sessions are engaging and interactive.
Here are some of the ways we leverage tech to deliver immersive experiences:

Web Conferencing

Interactive Quizzing Software

Virtual Breakout Rooms

Annotation Tools

Facilitation Methods

Appropriate facilitation methods for virtual classes are customized to your needs:

Individual & Group Activities

Action Learning is facilitated through individual assignments and group exercises.

Case Studies & Simulations

A wide choice of ready-to-use exercises help with Skill Practice & Learning Application.

Book Excerpts

Relevant sections of books are used to drive home complex and multilayered concepts in a simple manner.

Role Plays

Role Plays and enactments aim to improve comprehension through active participation. 

Puzzles, Games & Quizzing

Game mechanics adds interactivity to the learner experience & also ensures high engagement.


Cinema-based and Video Learning

Cinema / Video is used to bring concepts to life – making learning effective and increasing engagement.


Junior Managers

Middle Managers

Senior Leaders

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Development Programs

We bucket our development programs under leadership programs, future skills programs, foundational skills programs and essential skills programs.

Managerial & Leadership Programs

  • The Connecting Leader
  • First Time Managers
  • Hi-Po Development
  • Leader as a Coach
  • Women Leaders
  • Future HR Leaders
  • The LEAP Program

  • Future Skills Programs

  • Leading Teams Virtually
  • Leading in a Hybrid World
  • Future Ready Manager
  • Digital Leadership
  • Digital Selling Skills
  • Personal Branding
  • Productivity through Agility

  • Foundational Skills Programs

  • Collaboration
  • Career Planning
  • Business Acumen
  • Change Management
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Customer Centricity
  • Influencing
  • Essential Skills Programs

  • Communication Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Time Management
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Business Writing
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Campus to Corporate

  • Facilitator Network

    Our team of 35+ empanelled facilitators (specializing across sectors, topics and leadership levels)  powers our VITLs to deliver our content in new-age formats.

    Why Use Jombay’s Virtual Instructor Led Trainings?

    Jombay specializes in running these VILTs with a strong focus on:

    Contextualizing the program content

    To the client context.

    Delivering the program in an experiential manner

    Using activities, role plays, jamboards, group exercises, case studies and assignments among others.

    Driving program participation

    & engagement with creative nudging.  

    Solutions at Scale

    Implement virtual and scalable solutions to reach a wider set of employees, across geographies in a shorter period of time.

    Cost Effective

    Select from our bank of VILTs to match your price point.

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