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I intend to die as Suruchi Wagh

“But everyone does it!” – A well-meaning aunty insisted soon after she realized I had not changed my surname after marriage. The way I saw it, I was born as Suruchi Wagh and I intend to die as Suruchi Wagh

From a clerical staff to the MD

“I looked at the Branch Manager’s office and wanted it to be mine!” – explained Subbulakshmi Shirali (MD and CEO, TJSB Bank) when I interviewed her for the upcoming 1000 Women Leaders Program. Subbalakshmi’s career started as a clerical staff

Hum ladkewale hain

“Of course we can “allow” the bride to work – as long as she manages home and doesn’t outshine our son.” – a statement from the “ladkewale” (boy’s side) at a recent family event where the prospective bride and groom-to-be

More Than Just Coffee

“We are really hungry Suruchi – can you arrange for coffee and snacks?” – A senior leader visiting Jombay a few years ago asked me at a leadership meeting as we took a break. A meeting where I happened to

I love my wife more than my kids

“Where are you going?” – asked my sons, on seeing my wife and I getting ready to go out at night.  “We are going out for dinner” – I replied. “Just the 2 of you? But why? – Our children

Is it worth it? 

Is it worth it to work in a job that doesn’t cover your childcare costs?  Is it worth it to re-start at the bottom of the rung in your 30s?  Is it worth it to take up a leadership position?

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