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I love my wife more than my kids

“Where are you going?” – asked my sons, on seeing my wife and I getting ready to go out at night.  “We are going out for dinner” – I replied. “Just the 2 of you? But why? – Our children

Is it worth it? 

Is it worth it to work in a job that doesn’t cover your childcare costs?  Is it worth it to re-start at the bottom of the rung in your 30s?  Is it worth it to take up a leadership position?

The men in my life

It was the summer of 2010. I was working in California. Something about work was eating me up. “You don’t look happy. Something needs to change and YOU need to be the one who makes that change” – I came

I am available

“I am available” – a 24 year old me said to a room of 4 young men. I didn’t mean I was available for a date 🙂 But I was available and ready to take on a new career adventure.

Last Week’s Trolling

Why are you always the one to sit on the left-rear seat of a chauffeur driven car? Why does this shopkeeper think I cannot pay for my saree? Why does this uncle think that my job is limited to the

I am not Wife material

I am married. I have a husband whom I am friends with. We are blessed with 2 kids. We live in a true “Indian joint family” with my father, my sister-in-law, my husband’s niece, my nephew and occasionally my in-laws

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