The future is female and research backs it up!

Xoriant (a leading product engineering company) wanted to foster women’s leadership within their organization, and decided to embark on a development journey for their women leaders with Jombay.

We kickstarted a Women Leadership Program for their mid-career women leaders, spanning over 4 months. The program not only challenged traditional notions of leadership but also empowered a cohort of talented women to embrace their full potential.

Here’s what the program entailed:

> Pre Program Assessments: (to understand the personalities and leadership styles of participants.)

> Focus on relevant and critical themes (such as developing a Protagonist Mindset, Warrior Mindset, Maverick Mindset, Campaigner Mindset and Empowering Mindset.)

> Journey-based Development Program (with in person and virtual Master Classes, Self-paced Digital Learning & Group Connects.)

With a feedback rating of 4.4 rating out of 5, it is clear that the participants not only had a positive experience they also felt confident in their ability to be strong women leaders.

Through a blend of assessments, immersive training, and personalized development sessions, we not only equipped these managers with the skills to thrive but also instilled in them a profound sense of empowerment and agency.

If you too are looking for partners in running Women Leadership Programs at your organization, feel free to reach out for a quick chat:)

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