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For the tech industry, innovation and learning are the cornerstones of a thriving business.

Routinely upskilling teams to keep pace with the fast growth of this industry, disruptive technologies & fostering an innovative mindset is critical for the bottomline. Product offerings are often complex, with multiple stakeholders, and buying cycles are often lengthy. 

Over the last few years, there has also been a change in global spending on IT projects, and that has also evolved the  global business models. There is a need to minimize time to market and capitalize on first mover’s advantage. Organizations are recognizing the need for enhanced data security and connecting with end markets to add value.

IT/ITeS Companies, their businesses, people and their leadership are going through a permanent change!

Talent trends we have observed in this industry include:

Instilling a Drive for Results

Collaborative leadership

Rethinking engagement

Learning Agility & Cognitive Flexibility

Innovative mindset to suit evolving models

Transactional to Solution mindset

Some clients in the IT/ITeS industry

Take a look at our approach to talent
challenges in the IT/ITeS industry.

Use cases we have encountered in the IT/ITeS industry

Prominent Assessment Use Cases in this industry

  • Developing Team Leaders for Future Roles
  • Evaluating Next Level Readiness
  • Finding Emerging Leaders
  • Developing HR Mindset
  • Identifying Development Areas of High Flyers & Top Talent
  • Promoting Team Leads & Process Leads,
  • Developing Delivery Managers & Director-Experts
  • Facilitating Career Progression at Senior Levels
  • Associate Vice President Promotions

  • Prominent Development Programs in this industry:

  • First Time Managers’ Development
  • Mid Managers’ Development
  • Leading Teams Virtually
  • Leader as a Coach
  • Value-based Consulting
  • Leading in a Hybrid World

  • Success Stories

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    27 FORTE Personality Assessment
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    Leadership Challenges Series
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    Situational Judgement Test
    Case Studies
    Cognitive Assessments
    Critical Thinking Assessment
    Abstract Thinking Assessment
    Aptitude Assessment
    Assessor Led Tools
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