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“Great Managers & Leaders are not born, they are made. And they are made just like anything else – through hard work.” Media.Net (a leading online ad-tech company) wanted to empower and invest in the Managerial Capability Building of their

TATA AIG – Building Future Leaders 

How can organizations prepare their middle managers for future leadership roles? – A question that haunts HR teams around the world as they invest in a variety of succession planning initiatives. TATA AIG (a leading General Insurance Company) was keen

Empowering Mid-Level Managers at HDFC Life

“Mid-level managers are the linchpin of organizational success, bridging the gap between strategy and execution.” This truly captures the pivotal role that mid-level managers play within any organization.  HDFC Life (a leading life insurance company in India) wanted to bring

Transforming First-Time Managers at Alkem Laborato...

“Firsts” are always hard 🙂  And the role of a first time manager has evolved in today’s workplace. From having to manage a multigenerational workforce, to needing to coach a them vs just managing their tasks – the stakes for

Elevating Manager Capability at Thermax 

How can organizations elevate their managerial foundation? Read on to see how Jombay worked with Thermax to empower their first-line managers in order to fuel organizational growth. Thermax, a leading energy and environment solutions provider, wanted to nurture and enhance

Stepping into a New Role – Transition Coachi...

What can help leaders smoothly transition into new roles? Those first 180 days can feel like a maze, but they’re crucial for long-term success. That’s why we’ve developed a unique Transition Coaching offering to help leaders navigate this journey. Rajiv

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