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A few years ago, shifting global dynamics had the potential to redefine the manufacturing sector.

But with a disruption of international supply chains, migration of workforce across all skill levels, an unpredictable movement of materials, and reduced demand and cancellations of orders across the board (with the exception of essential industries), there has been a massive disruption in the manufacturing sector. 

A changing business model has evolved and new technologies have leapt into prominence.

Operational firefighting, business continuity, leadership alignment, and prioritizing employee safety have become key factors and the manufacturing industry has had to make substantial investments required in reskilling and upskilling employees to adapt to new tech and new ways of thinking. 

Talent needs we have observed in this industry include:

Creativity & Innovation


Employee safety & well being


Conceptual & Analytical ability


Some clients in the Manufacturing industry

Take a look at our approach to talent
challenges in the Manufacturing industry.

Use cases we have encountered in the Manufacturing industry.

Prominent Assessment Use Cases in this industry

  • Managerial Assessment Centers for junior management
  • Identifying High Potentials across Managerial Levels on Group Competencies
  • Development Centers of mid and senior Managers
  • Career Progression Assessments for mid manager levels
  • Career Progression For ABMs
  • Step-up program across business divisions & experience levels
  • Assessment Centers for Managers
  • Development Centers for Emerging Leaders

  • Prominent Development Programs in this industry

  • Campus to Corporate Program for New Hires Across Functions
  • Developing People Managers on the attributes of being an effective people manager
  • Developing HiPo Middle Managers across functions on Personal, People and Strategic Leadership
  • Developing Middle Managers (Customer facing teams) on practicing Radical Empathy and High Velocity with customers and moving to Solution Selling
  • Developing HiPo Mid Senior Managers on critical success competencies of the organization
  • Enabling MDPs for Middle Managers across Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing using Digital Learning and Peer Coaching
  • Program on Building Winning Teams and Developing a High Performance Culture for Function Heads

  • Success Stories

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    Critical Thinking Assessment
    Abstract Thinking Assessment
    Aptitude Assessment
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