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Over the last couple of years, the world has benefited from the comfort of “anywhere and anytime banking.”

This ensured that the banking experience (as an essential service), remained undisturbed. Among larger entities, there has also been a steady rise in increased requirements for data security. In consumer analytics, there is increasing focus to target the right people, provide customized banking solutions, personalized insurance premiums and predict consumer behavior.

A changing regulatory environment and alternative distribution channels have changed the landscape of this industry. The evolving business model and the emergence of a virtual ecosystem along with new technologies has also contributed to a shift in talent trends. Digitisation was always in focus for the banking industry and with the COVID-19 pandemic, the last 2 years have further pushed the pedal on technology enabled solutions.

Talent needs we have observed in this industry include:

Problem-solving mindset



Attracting tech-savvy talent

Aspirational career paths

Communication & Collaboration

Some clients in the BFSI industry

Take a look at our approach to talent
challenges in the BFSI industry.

Use cases we have encountered in the BFSI industry.

Prominent Assessment Use Cases in this industry

  • Identifying future leaders across bands
  • Enabling future leader program in operations
  • Enabling internal promotions across levels
  • Enabling internal promotions in sales function
  • Enabling career progression & talent development across functions
  • Identifying development areas of branch managers
  • Developmental intervention for different levels of managers in sales function
  • High potential identification among senior leaders & function heads ice President Promotions
  • Identifying high potential talent for leadership roles

  • Prominent Development Programs in this industry:

  • First Time Manager Development for first time managers
  • Career Planning and Conversations for managers at mid and mid senior levels
  • Mid Managers’ Development for Unit Heads at Phone Banking
  • Future Ready Manager for mid managers
  • Leading Teams Virtually for managers
  • Interviewing Skills for managers at mid and mid senior levels across the organization
  • LEAP Program for managers at mid levels

  • Success Stories

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