A managerial development program for first line managers
to enable a workplace of winners!

Registrations for 2024 are now OPEN

The WOW Manager Program offers:

A development journey relevant to the world of work in the age of AI

Access to best practices and top leaders

Networking and Peer Learning

A chance for recognition - with the 10%CLUB Award

Our belief

We believe that “WOW Managers” are instrumental in creating a “Workplace Of Winners”. The team at Jombay has identified that a “Workplace of Winners” is one where there is –

A high PERFORMANCE culture


Program Construct

Jombay has created a well-researched, indigenous framework that forms the basis of the WOW Manager Program.


Providing Recognition:
Promotes environment of continuous recognition by acknowledging wins.

Exchanging Feedback:
Gives constructive, regular, and timely feedback for continuous improvement.

Driving Autonomy:
Fosters environment of freedom & accountability to help others reach highest potential.

Enabling Career Growth
Creates growth opportunities by understanding individuals’ aspirations, strengths, and areas for development


Providing Role Clarity 
Provides a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities and ensures effective delegation.

Enabling Digital–First Environment
Leverages technology to improve efficiency and stakeholders’ experience.

Creating a Learning Ecosystem
Fosters an environment of continuous learning and experimentation.


Ensuring Work-Life Harmony   
Prioritizes well-being in the team by promoting work-life balance.

Providing Psychological Safety:
Creates a safe environment where team members belong, speak up, learn, and contribute.

Driving Equity & Fairness
Cultivates an environment that fosters diversity, equity and inclusion


Understanding Business Strategy
Drives a sense of clarity towards the organization’s vision and strategic roadmap.

Aligning Work To Business Impact
Aligns individual’s work to the broader organizational objectives.

Cultivating Organizational Affinity
Creates belongingness towards the brand identity and values.


Establishing Trust and Credibility
Develops the capability to become a trustworthy and credible manager.

Building Rapport
Nurtures relationships with team members to facilitate open communication and mutual understanding.

Fostering Team Synergy
Creates an ecosystem for teams to work cohesively and collaboratively.

Program Components

Assessment Center

Know yourself

360 Degree Feedback

Understand your blind spots

Master Classes

Learn from the best

Digital Learning Journey

Bytes of wisdom

Experience Interview

Build growth    roadmaps


Build a peer network through group connects

Recognition of Excellence

For the TOP 10% of the cohort

Key Milestones

Who is this for?

The WOW Manager Program is For First Line Managers across 2 experience levels.

Risers Program

(who want to be or are about to be promoted to managers)

Young Leaders
(who are on a fast track to be managers) 

First Time Managers
(0-1 yr of managerial experience) 

Achievers Program

(first line managers with any amount of managerial experience)


Risers Program
Final Pricing- INR 15,000 I 31st August
Achievers Program
Final Pricing- INR 22,000 I 31st August

4 reasons to be a part of the
WOW Manager Program

Still wondering why you should sign up to be a part of a managerial development program for first line managers to enable a workplace of winners?

Invest in your own learning

There is no replacement for knowing yourself better and being able to complement that awareness with the right learning is priceless.

It's the only development journey relevant to the world of work in the age of AI

The world has changed. Newer skills and competencies have come into focus. With AI driving this change, we have curated a development journey that ensures you’re ready!

Access the true meaning of networking

Build a strong network of peers through group connects

The chance to be recognised in the top 10% of the cohort

The 10%CLUB is one of the industry’s biggest honors. Win instant bragging rights:)

Recognition of excellence!

The top 10% of the cohort will be given the 10%CLUB winners award.

These serve to increase program engagement by adding a layer
of competition.

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Here are our most commonly asked questions:

What is the WOW Manager Program?

An immersive managerial development program for first line managers to enable a workplace of winners!

  • A development journey relevant to the world of work in the age of AI
  • An immersive fully online experience including master classes, assessment centers, digital learning experiences
  • A chance to in the top 10% of the cohort
  • What are the milestones?

    The main components of the journey are:

  • Assessment Center
  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Master Classes
  • Digital Learning Journey
  • Experience Interview
  • What topics are covered during the journey?

    The WOW Manager Program is based on a well-researched, indigenous engagement model

  • Pride
  • Efficacy
  • Empowerment
  • Connection
  • Well-Bieng
  • Do I need to be a certain age?

    Age is not a bar, as long as you are serious about your career. The program is made for First Line Managers across 2 experience levels!

    Is this all online?

    Yes! We want to be inclusive of participants from the far corners of the country

    Count On Jombay

    Jombay (a part of the CielHR Group) is known for creating a Workplace of Winners! We do this through identifying, building and engaging great managers and leaders for the fast changing world.








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