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A manager’s role as the bridge between the employees and the leadership team is critical. More so now than ever. Over the last few years, the definitions of remote and hybrid working, the wine and dine styles of selling, definitions of personal and professional aspirations are all being reimagined. Let’s face it – the world is no longer the same. And managerial playbooks have evolved! 

Jombay’s managerial assessments profile a manager’s behavioral skills and managerial competencies. It focuses on measuring the candidate’s collaboration skills, leadership skills and people management skills.

Jombay’s Competency Framework for Managerial Assessments

Jombay has a competency-based approach to measuring managerial potential. Managerial Assessments measure six major competencies critical to managerial effectiveness in an organization:

Resilience & Empathy

Ability to demonstrate perseverance and hardiness in ambiguous and challenging situations. Able to manage stress and quickly bounce back. Able to accept and embrace vulnerability and demonstrate selfless concern for the well-being of others.

Connected Leadership

Ability to give team members more control and trust them to manage their own schedules. Demonstrate a more hands-on approach to learn about team members’ strengths & motivations. Able to make self accessible and available to team members.

Cognitive Flexibility

Ability to let go of past beliefs and experiences, given that most of the upcoming business and customer scenarios will be uncharted territory.  Able to effectively adapt to a variety of situations and individuals. 

Digital Dexterity

Ability to seek out ways to reuse technology across situations and a tendency to seek out digital tools and data to improve processes. Demonstrate a strong belief and understanding of the power of technology to deliver growth and opportunity.

Frugal Mindset

Ability to work with constraints and maintain an innovative mindset despite limited resources. Incentivize and promote the approach of getting more done with less.

Pragmatic Orientation

Ability to demonstrate intelligent use of resources and not waste self or team’s time. Possess a bias toward action, realizing that learning occurs iteratively. Able to self-correct and self-develop, updating decision criteria based on expected vs. actual results. 

Assessment Tools for Managerial Assessments

Jombay has a wide variety of scientifically validated Managerial Assessment Tools – personalized to meet your talent requirements and provide a comprehensive overview of your organization. These can be fully virtual, or blended (with assessor involvement) to give you the right mix of virtual and human intervention in your high potential identification process.


Identify and assess the personality profile that is the best fit for a manager at your organization. For example, are they creative, empathetic and committed to driving change? 

Situational Judgment Test

Assess employees on responses to challenging situations that they might encounter at work in a simulated work environment. 

Inbox (Day in Life) Simulation

Use this immersive simulation to see how your employees will behave in future managerial roles and situations.

360 Degree Feedback

Gain a holistic understanding of your employees, from multiple stakeholders

Video Interviews / Role Plays

Implement assessor led interventions on Jomaby’s Video Interviewing Platform to add a human element to your assessment process.


Junior Managers

(Assistant Manager, Deputy Manager)

Middle Managers

(Project Manager, Program Manager, Delivery Manager)

Why Use Jombay’s Managerial Assessment Solution?

Jombay’s Managerial Assessments Solution is widely used to profile a manager’s behavioral skills and managerial competencies. Given below are the various benefits of using Jombay’s Managerial Assessments Solution.

Relevant for all experience levels

Use our scientific managerial assessments for all managerial experience levels at your organization from Junior Managers to Middle Managers.

Scale & Speed

Implement virtual and scalable managerial assessment solutions to reach a wider set of employees, across geographies in a shorter period of time.

Cost Effective Assessments

Select from our bank of assessments to match your price point.

Influence the life cycle of a manager

Use insights from our assessments to power data driven decisions on hiring, developing, promoting and retaining critical talent.


Take a look at the analytics and insights that are provided on completion of a managerial assessment exercise. 

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