Every month, Jombay wraps up and presents findings to our Assessment Center clients with detailed analytics reports. Some of these projects of the last quarter have stayed with me for being innovative, challenging and for giving us an opportunity to do some groundbreaking work with our partners. Here is a snippet 

1) Multinational providing IT services – Chrysalis – A Journey Towards Transformed Leadership

We are so happy to see instances like these, where a transformation in the industry has brought about interesting initiatives in organisations to develop talent! It really was fascinating to see how the team at the Multinational providing IT services brought about a disruption in how their talent development practices enabled talent success! Jombay deployed a Leadership Development Center on 8 Critical Competencies at the organization with the objective of providing 300 Senior Leaders across 4 business verticals an opportunity to reflect on their strengths to be able to soar with them! This project was purely crafted for self-discovery and leadership growth.

A post-assessment behavioral trend analysis was conducted to observe the overall Talent Landscape for this cohort and identify certain behavioral enablers and inhibitors to be focused on for future development. Using the Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Test with a Deep Dive Leadership Interview, Business Case Studies & a Psychometric Inventory, we were able to identify the key talent trends across their four business verticals and development paths of talent initiatives that could take place in the future if needed.

2) Metso – Developing Talent for Success!

Metso presented us with a complex challenge and we jumped right in! We ran an Assessment Center to identify areas of strength and development & to gauge leadership readiness for 109 employees who are their deputy managers & managers.  We started with a one-day workshop using focussed group discussion methodology. The objective of this workshop was to arrive at key success leadership competencies for Metso.  This workshop was conducted with all the critical Business Leaders to understand the organizational culture, its growth plans, their current talent strengths and some of the challenges that they are facing. Adopting the principles of thematic analysis on the narratives gathered during the workshop, we arrived at 6 critical competencies for this initiative and deployed the assessment center on the same.

A combination of online and assessor-led interventions used such as SOSIE Personality Assessment, Critical Thinking Assessment, Leadership Simulation, Business Case Study and Role Plays. We were able to share not just individual reports, but also analysis across the group & organisation to help them identify which competencies and behaviors are inhibitors & hence need to be nurtured, and which are enablers that lead to overall success for the organisation! In addition to this, we also gave preliminary insights on their functional readiness which was gauged through their in-house cross panel interviews.  We were also able to provide an interesting industry lens, based on our in depth work in this sector, to help the leadership team get an idea of where their cohorts stand in comparison. And finally, a development lens helped the Metso team gauge the easy wins, and gaps that could be bolstered by their development efforts! Currently, the one-on-one individual feedback sessions are going on.

3) Genpact –  Nurturing Future Talent

At Genpact, we dealt with even more challenges that were brought on by the varied geographies, and languages that the team functioned with. We were pleased to be able to execute an Assessment Center for employees across 8 Business Units to evaluate Managerial readiness, at scale, and were able to standardise the assessments across languages & geographies to provide a consistent & fair experience! The objective was to identify development areas and next level readiness on certain success competencies. A virtual assessment center with online situational judgement tests, experiential business simulations, case study and virtual BEI was deployed.  Last financial year, we covered 8 Business Units, approximately 1500 Management Trainees across India. This initiative saved logistics effort and achieved objectivity at scale.  The intervention planned for this year will commence very soon!

Things that we take pride during these assessment and development centers are:

  • We have developed tools that are scientific, reliable and valid
  • We are able to bring in advanced methodologies for the fast changing workforce
  • We are able to provide smart & simple actionable analytics to define a way forward

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