Is it worth it to work in a job that doesn’t cover your childcare costs? 

Is it worth it to re-start at the bottom of the rung in your 30s? 

Is it worth it to take up a leadership position?

Is it worth it to move bases for better work opportunities?

Is it worth it to invest in a self-development program when work is anyway so busy?

Is it worth it to miss your child’s football game or dance recital because of an important meeting?

“Is it worth it?” is one of the most commonly asked questions to working women and definitely to the participants of Jombay’s 1000 Women Leaders Program that I interacted with over the last 6 months. This question is not just asked by others but by even women themselves.

This question can’t be evaluated in isolation or from a narrow or a short term point of view. The way ‘one educated woman impacts the whole family’, I feel ‘one working woman can impact many future generations.’ 

Showing up for oneself, taking on new challenges at work, and pushing oneself through these conundrums changes not only that one woman, but her home and the trajectory of her family in many better ways. I truly believe that when one woman views her job as her career, she forever changes how the world perceives a woman’s role at home, society, and economy at large.

Our teams, our organizations, our nation, and this world can benefit in ways we already know and in ways we will only realize when we have more women in the workforce, in managerial positions and on leadership pedestals.

Having seen the number of women who came out of the 1000 Women Leaders Program 2023 bursting with confidence, asking for MORE responsibility at work, getting promotions, positively impacting their families, organizations, and this society as a whole – I would say yes it is definitely worth it! (Of the 143 participants from whom I heard, 103 ended up asking for more responsibility at their workplace and 89 of those were actually given more responsibility – (all this within 2 months of completion of the program!)

But regardless, a woman should have the freedom to choose without having to answer this question – “Is it worth it?”. To all those, who are struggling to justify their choices, take a deep breath and go for it! And to the others asking the question, we have many more important questions to ask ourselves 🙂

Wishing you a lot of worthwhile stints without the burden of answering the “Is it worth it?” question. May the merriness fill your life and of those around you in the holiday season and the new year 🙂

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