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27 Forte
Personality Assessment


Personality assessments such as this are used popularly for hiring, succession planning and managerial development to match a person’s abilities and personality to a suitable role.The 27 FORTE Personality Assessment measures a candidate’s personality, attitudes, and organization skills.

When assessing and developing people, it’s important to know what motivates them to succeed!

27 FORTE Personality Assessment uses behavioral science and has been successfully used by organizations globally. It gives employers a solid base on which they can conduct interviews and feedback sessions. It offers detailed insights into what drives people, into role suitability and employee development strategy.

Use Cases


High-Potential Identification

Development & Promotions

Test Description

Each trait consists of a set of statements that are presented to the participant. The short statement is followed by response options on a 4 point Likert scale (For example: Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree). Participants are required to select one option out of four. There are no right or wrong answers. Instead, scores are used to determine where the participant stands on the trait continuum. 

Testing Time

30-40 Minutes

Target Audience

Individual Contributors, Junior Managers & Middle Managers


English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Gujarati,  Bahasa, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish + Other Languages on request


Our I/O Psychology experts follow guidelines of BPS (British Psychological Society).


The 27 FORTE Personality Assessment draws upon the work of eminent psychologists in the fields of personality, emotional intelligence, attitudes, and organizational skills. It is based on Cattel’s 16PF, Goleman’s concept of Emotional Intelligence, and Organ’s Organizational Citizenship Behavior Theory.

Traits Measured

A standardized list of traits is used to effectively measure job fitment, performance, and success. Each trait consists of a set of standardized statements that are presented to the participant. Some of the most commonly used clusters and underlying traits are :

Resilience & Empathy

Emotional Control
Self Awareness
People Understanding

Innovation & Change

Smart Problem Solving
Risk Taking

Analysis & Judgment

Data Driven
Smart Problem Solving

Results & Quality

Planning & Prioritization
Target Orientation

Relationships & Service

Customer Service Orientation

Drivers & Motivators

Social Intent

Adherence & Conformity

Process Orientation
Monotony Tolerance

Rigour of Tool

Our tools come with industry-leading reliability and validity standards and are based on validated scientific theories and practices.

Reliability assesses the extent to which variations in test scores reflect true differences in ability between people (on the construct being measured) rather than random errors in measurement.

Test-retest reliability assesses the extent to which the tool produces consistent scores when used on two different occasions.
The test-retest reliability coefficients for the traits of 27 FORTE Personality Assessment range from 0.40 to 0.85.

Additionally, the internal consistency reliability coefficients for the assessments were found to be ranging from 0.3 to 0.8. This assesses the extent to which all of the items in a scale are measuring the same underlying construct or trait.

Validity assesses the degree to which a scale measures the construct that it claims to measure. Convergent and Divergent validities have been used to assess the validity of the 27 FORTE Personality Assessment. Convergent validity checks whether scores on two different tests measuring the same construct are significantly correlated. Divergent validity checks whether scores on two different tests, which measure constructs distinct from each other, show insignificant correlation.

The coefficients of convergent and divergent validity for the 27 FORTE Personality Assessment range from 0.3 to 0.4, and 0.4 to 0.5 respectively.
Predictive validity was also computed. Predictive validity is established by comparing an individual’s performance on an assessment to his/her future performance on a set of predetermined criteria.

To establish predictive validity, a pool of candidates was identified. For these candidates, independent behavioral ratings on all traits from managers or immediate stakeholders were recorded. The predictive validity coefficients for the 27 FORTE Personality Assessment ranged between 0.3 and 0.5.

Norm groups are available for 3 levels - Junior, middle, and senior. Normed on a sample of 7400+ respondents across different geographies - India, USA, Europe and Southeast Asia (representative sample with different age, gender, job level, occupations)

Jombay is committed to ensuring that its tests are of the highest quality and rigor and developed to be unbiased and culture fair. All items in this assessment use simple language that is easily understandable, are gender neutral, and are comprehensively evaluated during the development process.

Jombay ensures that its products are not offensive or controversial, do not reinforce stereotypical views of any group, are free of racial, ethnic, gender, socioeconomic, or other forms of bias, and are free of content believed to be inappropriate or derogatory towards any group.

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Some clients who have used 27 Forte Assessment


Take a look at the individual report that is delivered to candidates who take the 27 FORTE personality test.

Why use 27 FORTE?

The 27 FORTE Personality Assessment is widely used in career guidance, pre-employment tests and managerial development to identify and ensure role fitment. Given below are the various benefits of using 27 FORTE Personality Assessment.

Bespoke Solutions

Customize the experience by adding employer branding and creating your own specific job profiles.

Modern candidate experience

Intuitive interface for both assessment takers and administrators.

Insightful reports

Access the insights that matter most with our well designed reports.

Enhanced insight for managers

Understand strengths and areas of improvement of your people. Improve performance through appropriate development.

Role Specific Insights

Pinpoint what’s crucial for success in specific roles.

Globally relevant

Available in different languages on request

Strengthen hiring decisions

Determine an individual’s fit to your organization & create high impact team profiles.

Build your custom talent solution.
Through Jombay’s assessment technology platform, the 27 FORTE can easily be combined with other assessments, simulations and video interviewing tools to create a bespoke solution for your organisation’s specific requirements.

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