“I looked at the Branch Manager’s office and wanted it to be mine!” – explained Subbulakshmi Shirali (MD and CEO, TJSB Bank) when I interviewed her for the upcoming 1000 Women Leaders Program.

Subbalakshmi’s career started as a clerical staff but she quickly aimed for and rose to be the Branch Manager! And then came the opportunity to be the Regional Head, Department Head, and finally – the MD.

Her story may seem like one of victory on the surface, but it was one where the so-called “eco-system” was knowingly/unknowingly failing her again and again. 

Every time she was moved to a new, unknown department (with people around her hoping she would fail!), she flung herself into learning everything she could to ace the new role. When the ceiling seemed too close, she joined a new bank and it wasn’t long before she rose to become the MD there. 

Her story is a powerful testament to resilience and it reminded me once again that the real cornerstone to this kind of growth is oneself. We are very much the protagonists of our own story 🙂 So whether the ecosystem is failing us or not, we are the ones who truly have the power to make it succeed for ourselves!

Over the last few weeks I have had the fortune to interview her and many of the other inspiring women leaders for the 1000 Women Leaders Movement. There are many more stories like these that we’ll be sharing this year in Master Classes for the participants of the 1000 Women Leaders Programs. We have a stellar lineup of speakers eager to pass on their wisdom!

Can’t wait to kick-off this year’s programs in June this year 🙂Registrations closing soon.

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