I am married. I have a husband whom I am friends with. We are blessed with 2 kids. We live in a true “Indian joint family” with my father, my sister-in-law, my husband’s niece, my nephew and occasionally my in-laws and my sister’s family. 

And yet, I am not “wife material”.

I don’t serve my husband his food but we make time to play tennis together everyday. I don’t spend the whole day with my kids but I change my schedule to travel for my son’s tournaments. I don’t check in with my mother in law for daily chats but I am the first person she calls when she needs help. I have a full-time cook, but love making school tiffins for my kids every morning. I may not have adopted my husband’s name, but I have whole-heartedly adopted his family 🙂

For all those who don’t know me – I am the Founder and Chief Product Officer of Jombay, one of India’s largest leadership development companies. Along with my founding team, I run a distributed team of almost 100 people. 

It took many years of inner dialogues & external judgments to be at peace with myself, my ambition and my decisions. 

And all those emotions came rushing back when our team at Jombay designed the 1000 Women Leaders Program! Stories about similar “expectations” and struggles with self imposed barriers came to the fore daily.

I know you or the women in your life may have similar stories to tell 🙂 I would love to hear them.

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