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Why are enough men NOT leading at home

Why are enough men NOT leading at HOME? Why are enough women NOT leading at WORK?  For the first part, my wife thinks – it’s the upbringing/home environment. Their early adult years never gave these boys an opportunity to learn

Geniuses are not born, but made.

“Geniuses are not born, but made”, firmly believed the father of the Polgar Sisters (a trio of world famous chess grandmasters who have had decisive victories over world champions including Vish Anand). They achieved groundbreaking success not because they inherited their chess

News of our marriage

“The goal of marriage is not to think alike but to think together” No – this isn’t a blog about my marriage 😀 Rather it is about another significant relationship that is turning out to have many parallels with a

Great Coaches Prioritize YOU

“We have been listening to music together. I am trying to first get him interested in music BEFORE teaching him to play. All the “other stuff” will come later” – said our younger son, Samar’s music coach.  Cut to our

India has arrived, Bharat is yet to

A 35 year old HR professional from Jamshedpur had taken a 27 hour train to reach Mumbai for the HR40under40 Masterclass in 2019. His company had not sponsored his participation nor his travel expenses. A 32 year old HR manager

Strong People create Easy Times

It was in the middle of a crippling recession, 12 years ago. Markets didn’t believe that an Indian company could build assessment products and take on global legacy players. No one believed that technology could be a significant enabler in

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