Winning Hearts ❤️

Our last 6 weekends were about witnessing some junior Tennis Tournaments, thanks to our older son (who is 8)! While each tournament had its own highlights, there were some moments that won our hearts. 1. A little girl with torn

Our last year’s resolution

Our New Year’s resolution is the same as the one we made last year! To support your talent interventions with Modern Assessment & Development experiences 🙂 Before we begin making new promises, I thought I would share how Jombay fared

Most popular talent trends of 2021

Remote vs Hybrid  Chaos vs Collected Acceptance Uncertain Goals vs Focussed pivots Over the last year, leadership teams across organizations and industries have been presented with unique challenges. In turn, our work at Jombay has meant having to assess and

When ordinary is wonderful ❤️

It’s 7.40am.I am driving my wife and younger son to his daily physiotherapy sessions. It is a minor ailment but it consumes our morning. We cringe at his pain, we acknowledge it, but we ask him for courage and endurance.

Jombay’s Catalogue – Assessment Tools

Today I wanted to give you an update on our catalogue of assessment tools. We categorize our assessments into four areas: BEHAVIORAL & COGNITIVE ASSESSMENTS (Personality Assessment (27 ECHO, 27 FORTE, HOGAN, Saville Wave, SOSIE, 15FQ, Caliper), Abstract Thinking Assessment,

If you get lucky, pay it forward

“My father is an auto driver. Because of the pandemic his income suffered.” “My Father & sister were admitted to hospital due to COVID 19 & a lot of money was spent.”  “Farm income went down due to low rainfall.

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