Our client has a legacy of 25 years with pan India operations. It owns and manages a number of retail chains – across fashion apparel, groceries and family entertainment. In just the last year, the company has opened 2 new stores/week, has seen steady growth in online sales and is gearing up for a resurgence in consumer demand. To go hand in hand with this growth, the organization wanted to make informed hiring decisions for their regional store manager roles.

Our past work has shown that hiring assessments modeled on the organizational context and the role in question are the most accurate way to ensure candidate fitment and predict candidate success. Keeping these parameters in mind, the client wanted to know how candidates stood on competencies such as –
> People Developer
> Drive For High Performance
> Customer First
> Business Acumen
> Decision Quality
> Impact & Influence
> Tech Savvy
> Driving Product Excellence

Jombay deployed the 27 ECHO Personality Assessment and delivered Individual Reports to offer insight into a candidate’s potential before they actually are on the job. This wealth of information about their capabilities will be one of the parameters used by the client to “hire smart”!

Do reach out if you would like to run an Assessment & Development center relevant to your context! You can pick a convenient time slot from the calendar here.

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