Highlights on our 2020’s Leadership Development interventions (part 8)

“Personalized Learning Journey” at Ultratech Cement: Ultratech and Jombay have introduced a 9-month long development program for 400 People Managers of Junior, Middle and Senior levels at Ultratech Cement. The program enables learning on competencies such as Learning Agility, Get

Highlights on our 2020s Leadership Development interventions (part 4)

People Management Program at Tata Motors:  Tata Motors Academy and Jombay have introduced a 10-month long program for 2400 People Managers on honing essential attributes that are required to be an effective people manager. These attributes include Purpose, Agility, Empathy,

Highlights on our 2020s Leadership Development interventions (part 3)

Varroc Engineering: Varroc is the 2nd largest 2-wheeler & 3-wheeler automotive component supplier in India and the 6th largest global exterior auto lighting suppliers. For their mid-senior leaders, Jombay ran a development journey on Varroc’s key competencies. Jombay delivered collaborative,

Highlights on our 2020s Assessment & Development Centers (part 4)

Home First India (HFFC) – An Assessment Center was conducted to identify the development areas of Branch Managers and Branch Manager Designates across the organization. The tool mix included the Psychometric Assessment, Situational Judgement Test, ManageFirst Simulation, Critical Thinking Assessment,

Highlights on our 2020s Assessment & Development Centers (part 2)

Mahindra Auto – Assessment centers were run for promotions of a particular job band. A mix of Psychometric Assessment, Critical Thinking Assessment, Inbasket Edge Simulation, and Case Study was used. Bharat Serums & Vaccines – The client partnered with Jombay

Success Story: Identifying and developing internal talent at a Leading Glassware Company

Organizations are recognizing the advantages of developing talent internally and investing to identify potential successors. We had the opportunity to work with a Leading Glassware Company as they undertook this challenge in their organisation.This comapany is growing exponentially, with a distributed workforce

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