We recently partnered with 2 of India’s biggest philanthropic organizations to deliver high-impact development centers customized to each of their unique requirements. Here’s a look at how we worked together…..

TATA TRUSTS is an umbrella group for a number of philanthropic trusts set up by the TATA group. It is one of India’s oldest philanthropic organizations. They wanted to deliver a capability development program for their Area Managers who are critical in bridging the org strategy with the on-ground work. As part of this, Jombay administered a Virtual Assessment Center to inform the decision making during the program. Here are some details:

  • Org & Role Specific Competencies. We designed an assessment center experience that mapped competencies relevant to the organization & role.
  • Experiential Assessment Experience. We deployed a mix of the 27 Forte Personality Assessment and a 360 degree survey to ensure that the experience was scientifically valid & immersive!
  • Clear Insights. Jombay will deliver an Individual Report & a Report Debrief to aid in charting next steps useful to the capability building program.

RELIANCE FOUNDATION is one of the largest non profit organizations in the country. They wanted to conduct an assessment center to evaluate the proficiency levels of their First Time Managers and Mid Managers for promotions and to identify their training needs. Here are some details of the Virtual Assessment Center we deployed to make sure that we stayed relevant to the unique organizational context:

  • Level & Role Specific Assessment Configurations. While keeping the organization’s competency structure constant, Jombay deployed a combination of a Personality Assessment, Abstract Thinking Assessment, Critical Thinking Assessment, Situational Judgement Test, and Simulations relevant to each level.
  • Integrated Assessment Experience. Each candidate was viewed through a personality, behavioral and cognitive lens to build a holistic picture of them.
  • Integrated Individual Reports, Stack Rank Report & Group Exercise Summary Report. These were able to provide clear indicators of a candidate’s areas of strength and areas of development at an individual and cohort level – to then inform the subsequent career pathing. 

Do reach out if you too would like to run an Assessment & Development center relevant to your context! You can pick a convenient time slot from the calendar here.

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