What can help leaders smoothly transition into new roles? Those first 180 days can feel like a maze, but they’re crucial for long-term success.

That’s why we’ve developed a unique Transition Coaching offering to help leaders navigate this journey. Rajiv Krishnan, (Ex Mafoi, Korn Ferry, EY) leads this practice at Jombay.

Here’s how Jombay’s Transition Coaching can support leaders:

> Culture Decode – CEO/CXO conversations & Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) to grasp broader expectations, values, and the vision of the team & organization.

> Deep Dive into the history of the role – Examining nuances, cultural expectations, role-fitment traps specific to the role & organization, and identifying the decisions and actions expected in real-time.

> Unique Roadmap for the Role Empowering leaders to face challenges head-on and embrace opportunities.

> Understanding the Individual – Gaining insights about them along 4 critical angles of leadership.

> Tailored Coaching Experience – Marrying a leader’s specific role context with their assessment insights.

> Hand-holding Sessions – To guide leaders through their unique contexts.

> Digital Journaling and an effective Development Journey on our digital learning platform.

If our Transition Coaching offering (or any of our Managerial Development Programs) interests you, do feel free to reach out for a quick chat:)

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