How can organizations elevate their managerial foundation? Read on to see how Jombay worked with Thermax to empower their first-line managers in order to fuel organizational growth.

Thermax, a leading energy and environment solutions provider, wanted to nurture and enhance the capabilities of their first-line managers. They wanted to impact not just existing first line managers but also aspiring ones who are currently contributing as individual contributors. Jombay partnered with Thermax to design and execute a comprehensive Managerial Capability Program for this audience.

To date, we have covered 350 managers each going through a 2 month development journey.

Here are some details :

Project Scope: The program encompassed a blend of instructor-led training sessions (ILT) and digital learning modules (iDev).

Competencies: The program was crafted to develop key competencies essential for managerial success. Participants honed their skills in areas such as Managing Self, Managing People, Managing Performance, and Enabling Growth.

Audience: The program catered to Individual Contributors (IC) and First-Line Managers (FLM) within Thermax. Participants hailed from diverse teams and brought varying levels of experience to the table.

Closing the Loop: With an average feedback rating of 4.59/5, it is evident that the program has left a lasting impact on the participants, equipping them with the tools and insights necessary to excel in their roles.

We run this program for many of our customers and additionally as a movement to build India’s strongest first line managers. (Details of the WOW Manager Program open to all first line managers here) 

If you too are looking for partners in running Managerial Development Programs at your organization, do feel free to reach out for a quick chat:)

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