Infineon is one the largest semiconductor providers in the world, with presence across many countries. For their India center, grooming managers and making sure they are future ready is a priority. Infineon deploys two development/learning tracks to facilitate the career paths of these managers. The first for Technical Leads & Assistant Managers and the second for Managers & Senior Managers. Each is an extensive development journey that runs for two years. 

This year, Infineon wanted to include an objective and scientific approach to help individuals understand their areas of strength and areas of development before the two year development journey. 

Jombay deployed a Development Center for each track to help participants become more self aware, increase the buy-ins and eventually to make the development journey more personalized and impactful! We did this in a number of ways:

1) Level & Role Specific Assessment Configurations. Jombay deployed a combination of a personality assessment, critical thinking assessment, business simulations and an assessor-led behavioral event interview (BEI) depending on the context to be relevant to each participant.

2) Integrated Assessment Experience. Each candidate was viewed through a personality, behavioral and cognitive lens to build a holistic picture of them.

3) Human Element to deepen Personal Context. Infineon’s internal assessors conducted Behavioral Event Interviews (BEI) to ensure a collaborative and high touch assessment experience.

4) Integrated Individual Reports & a Group Exercise Summary Report were able to provide clear indicators of a candidate’s areas of strength and areas of development – to then inform the subsequent development journey and career pathing.

Do reach out if you too would like to run an Assessment & Development center relevant to your context! You can pick a convenient time slot from the calendar here.

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