Pidilite is the market leader in adhesive, industrial and construction chemicals in India. We have been working with them on multiple talent management initiatives. They wanted to evaluate a significant portion of their workforce across teams (Sales, Marketing and Talent Management) and experience levels (Front line to Leadership) to understand their next level readiness.

While maintaining a common organizational context, we wanted to make sure that the process was also extremely relevant to the person’s role, team and level. We leveraged the tech capabilities of Jombay’s Assessment Platform in a number of ways to do this:

1) 13 Different Level and Role Specific Assessment Configurations. While keeping the organization’s competency structure constant, Jombay deployed a combination of functional & behavioral assessments, manager feedback and assessor-led interventions depending on the context.

2) Multi-Component Assessment Experience to build a holistic picture of each candidate. Each candidate was assessed for their knowledge of Pidilite processes and products, on Behavioral Competencies, and for the Managerial Feedback they received to be able to view them through a variety of lenses.

3) Human Element to deepen Personal Context. Pidilite assessors conducted Behavioral Event Interviews (BEI) (using Jombay’s Video Interviewing Platform) to ensure a high touch assessment experience.

4) Integrated Individual Reports at scale to give candidates a cumulative score of all the interventions along with internal feedback metrics.

5) Stack Ranking Report to indicate a view of competency wise trends and those who show role readiness.

This is a beautiful example of how technology, behavioral science and human intervention has been used to provide a standardized, scalable solution while deepening relevance to the participant’s context. 

Do reach out if you too would like to run an Assessment & Development center relevant to your context! You can pick a convenient time slot from the calendar here.

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