Highlights on our 2020’s Leadership Development interventions (part 7)

Campus to Corporate Program for new joinees at Citrix: Citrix Systems, Inc. is an American multinational software company that is building digital workspace technology. For its new joinees in the tech roles, Citrix partnered with Jombay to enable a seamless

Highlights on our 2020s Leadership Development interventions (part 5)

Leading Virtually Program at HDFC Bank: Organizations have been challenged with managing remote teams in 2020. HDFC Bank has been tackling this by rolling out a large scale program for managers across functions & seniority levels to learn how to

Highlights on our 2020s Assessment & Development Centers (part 3)

Murphy USA – Here the client wanted to use the assessment centers for selection. ManageFirst, LeadFirst Simulation, Case Study and Critical Thinking Assessment were used. RPG Group – A virtual development centre was conducted for existing employees across two levels

Mind the gap – Our Top 5 Interventions using 360 degree Feedback

Dealing with perception gaps at work is an ongoing & challenging process. Yet it is the most useful form of feedback we can get from a range of peers, managers and juniors! Today, I thought I would share some of our

Collins Aerospace, Aviva Life and Prudential Global – Our Top 3 Interventions of last month

Every month Jombay kickstarts talent assessment & leadership development journeys for a wide range of customers. Some of them are quite interesting innovations and they strike a chord with me. 1) COLLINS AEROSPACE – Innovation Parenting  Interesting Launch Alert: We ran

Top 3 Assessment Center Experiences

Every month, Jombay wraps up and presents findings to our Assessment Center clients with detailed analytics reports. Some of these projects of the last quarter have stayed with me for being innovative, challenging and for giving us an opportunity to

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