Mahindra First Choice is India’s leading used-automobile platform with 1700+ outlets across 800+ cities. They wanted to assess middle managers to gauge potential for senior roles. Here are some specifics of the Hybrid Assessment Center that Jombay deployed to ensure this was done in an unbiased manner : 

Org & Role Specific Competencies – The assessment was aligned to the Mahindra First Choice competencies and relevant to the role that the participants were being assessed for.

Level Specific Assessment Configurations. While keeping the organization’s competency structure constant, Jombay deployed a combination of a Personality Assessment (27FORTE / SOSIE), Critical Thinking Assessment (Jombay/Watson Glaser), Simulations, Recorded Interview and a Behavioral Event Interview relevant to each level.

Integrated Assessment Experience. Each manager was viewed through a personality, behavioral and cognitive lens to build a holistic picture of them. The assessment center results will be able to highlight the potential of the participants on next-level readiness & inform further decision making!

Do reach out if you too would like to run an Assessment & Development center relevant to your context! You can pick a convenient time slot from the calendar here.

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