Have you ever been able to self-diagnose or self-action your course of treatment from a pathlab report that lists your WBC and RBC count? I am sure you have been left wondering – “What do I do with this data? What’s the treatment?” Same goes for Talent! The reason we advise our clients to do an End-to-End intervention with Jombay is – our Assessment practice provides the diagnosis and our development practice offers the treatment in the form of a development program.

Sharing with you, some recent End to End Assessment & Development programs that we anchored.

Do contact us if you would like us to help you with your talent interventions – from diagnosis to development!


Muthoot Fincorp (one of the largest NBFCs in India) wanted to identify the strengths and development areas of their Managers to develop them further. Jombay deployed an End to End Assessment Center and Development Program exercise that included:
> Virtual Assessment Center to identify Muthoot Fincorp’s managerial potential talent.

> Insightful Reporting : A Stack Rank report, Individual VAC Reports, a Virtual Group Report Debrief & IDPs were provided to help the client and the candidates infer actionable insights from the exercise.

> 6 month long Development Program on identified competencies such as Personal Branding & Intrapreneurship. With a completion rate of 80% (well above industry standards), we were thrilled to see testimonials such as these: “I have been having a tough time getting through one of the clients. With the module on “Negotiation Hustle”, I gained a new perspective and managed to resolve the conflict with that client. Appreciate the content and how it helped me with a live problem!”

2> USEReady – ULEAD Program 

USEReady (a data and analytics firm) wanted to enable continuous development of their workforce. To this end, they wanted to identify development areas and then develop their High Potential Senior Managers on those competencies. Jombay deployed an End to End talent intervention that included:

> Pre-Program 360 degree feedback exercise (which got an NPS of 9!) to deliver Individual reports and a group exercise summary and help the client determine development areas for their Managers.

> Leadership Development Program on the identified set of competencies. This consisted of a series of virtual classes and group coaching interventions to accelerate transformation through Nurturing People, Communication and Influencing and Collaboration.

> Post-Program 360 degree feedback exercise to close the loop (soon to be deployed).

3> ITC Infotech – Managerial Effectiveness Program 2.0

ITC Infotech (an IT Service Management Company) wanted to develop their General Managers on competencies that were relevant to them. Jombay is running an End to End journey including:
> Virtual Assessment Center (Using an Inbox Simulation & Leadership Challenges

Series), to “Calibrate”. It captured participants’ capabilities on competencies such as Leading Virtually, Leading People, Growth Mindset, Conflict Management & Critical Thinking. 

> Insightful Reporting : Individual reports, a stack rank report & group exercise summary helped to plan the development program.

> 2 month Development Program to “Incubate”. This ongoing program includes a series of Virtual Classes and Self Directed Digital Learning on our Digital Learning Platform (iDev).
> Post-Program Assessments to “Recalibrate” and close the loop (soon to be deployed).

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