What makes development programs more impactful?  Theorem asked their high potential managers what areas THEY wanted to develop – a progressive trend that signals a respect for a participant’s own ideas for their growth!

Read on to see how Jombay partnered with them to deploy an “aspiration-based” program for their high-potentials, as opposed to a “need-based” one.  

Theorem is a global leader in digital marketing services and marketing solutions. With the Great Resignation making a big impact even in India, the client wanted to stay ahead of this wave of attrition and invest in their core team. Theorem wanted to build a learning path for upskilling their mid-senior high-potential workforce. These were Subject Matter Experts, Consultants and Client Delivery Leads with experience levels ranging from 8-15 years.

Unlike most of our clients who want to identify the development needs of their workforce,  Theorem came to us, ready with two topics that each cohort aspired to learn. So we worked to build an “aspiration-based” program as opposed to a “need-based” one. We also built effective mechanisms to measure an individual’s growth in those subjects, pre and post program. Some of the competencies that participants chose to work on included; Client Centricity, Leading the millennial workforce and Collaboration, Adaptability, Communication Skills, Critical Thinking and Problem solving.

Here are some unique things about the End to End talent intervention that Jombay deployed, that contributed to making this impactful : 

> Pre-Program Virtual Assessments to help the client and the participants understand where they stood on competencies that they had identified. A 27 ECHO Personality Assessment and a Situational Judgement Test were deployed to gather this information in an engaging & modern format. Individual reports and an exercise summary report were then shared to deliver clear insights.
 > Immersive Development Program on the identified set of competencies. This focussed learning journey included a series of virtual classes and digital learning on the subjects that participants were eager to learn. We saw high engagement and a real drive in participants’ desire to derive value from this journey!
> Post-Program Assessments will be deployed 9 months after the first round of assessments, to close the loop and get a pulse of the transformation.

Do reach out if you would like us to help you with your talent interventions – from assessment to development! 

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