“The head, heart, muscles and feet all need to be in alignment for one to move!”

Words that are just as true in an organization, where this “alignment” is often provided by the values that organization lives by. These values are an organization’s DNA – helping it to differentiate from competition, identify goals, directing business strategy and defining its culture.

When employees understand this value set, they have a better understanding of how to excel at their job. They are more likely to make decisions that will help the organization achieve their vision. But on the other hand, a misalignment of values can easily lead to chaos!

Jombay runs a “Value Sensitization” Program across organizations to help their values “stick”. In it, we implement a phased approach for cascading values and imbibing the desired value driven behaviors. 

The program is designed to be immersive, experiential and impactful through the following interventions:

Journey Based Program with Master Classes / Bootcamps, Self-paced Digital Learning, Group Coaching & Continuous Engagement through Leadership Cafes, Virtual Hackathons, Fireside Chats, Reel Competitions and more.

Pre & Post Program Surveys for Self and Manager to identify and document behavior shifts.

We have run this program for employees across organizations, for cohorts of senior leaders and also for value ambassadors. This value sensitization can even be combined with an organization’s managerial development program.

If you too are looking for partners in running Value Sensitization Programs (or Managerial Development Programs) feel free to reach out 🙂

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