Interviews are just as much about the interviewer as they are about the interviewee!

Interviews today are a window that works both ways. While candidates are being assessed, they are also taking stock of the interviewer and through him/her, of the organization itself. Projecting the right brand image, representing the organization appropriately, and at the same time, interviewing synonymously with other managers of the organization becomes critical.

Organizations that are hiring across business verticals need to equip hiring managers to interview better and in a standardized way.

Jombay runs an “Interviewing Skills” program to empower hiring managers with the Mindset, Skillset & Toolset needed to prepare for, conduct and review interviews. In it, we are able to facilitate intensive skill practice to enable transfer of learning. Our Assessor led Role Plays and Recorded Interviews allow one to add a high touch, human element for evaluation. Here are some details of the INTERVIEWING SKILLS Development Program:

> Experiential Master Classes
> Self-paced Digital Learning
> Skill Practice Sessions
> Continuous Engagement
> Pre & Post Program Surveys 

Some of the things we do well with this program :

  • Journey based approach to empower maximum retention & learning sustenance
  • Intensive skill practice and best practice guides to enable transfer of learning
  • Assessor led role plays and Recorded Interviews for evaluation 
  • Three delivery approaches catering to busy schedules, styles of learnings and other considerations
  • Certification of participants as accomplished interviewers

We have run this program for many of our customers where participants found the content relevant and were impacted by the ability to recall & apply it at work!

If you too are looking for partners in running Development Programs relevant to the new world at your organization, feel free to reach out 🙂

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