Thought it would be interesting to show you how we conduct hybrid ADCs virtually, with a combination of automated and assessor led tools on Jombay’s Assessment Center technology platform. We are able to provide a unified assessment experience to the assessment administrators, assessors and candidates. It’s safe to say, our assessors enjoy our platform experience just as much as the participants 🙂

Here are some recent examples…

1> Optum  – Developing Individual Contributors

Optum is a pharmacy benefit manager and care services group operating across 150 countries in North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. They wanted to scientifically assess a cohort of Individual contributors (from various functions in the organization) through behavioral assessments. Jombay deployed a Hybrid Assessment Center in multiple batches on competencies such as Deliver Value To Customers, Communicate Effectively, Lead Change & Innovation, Lead Change & Innovation, Lead Self & Manage People, Model & Ensure Ethical Behavior, Model & Ensure Ethical Behavior.
> Phase 1 included a tool mix of 27 FORTE Personality Assessment, Inbox (Day in Life) Simulation & Situational Judgment Test
> Phase 2 was run for a selected cohort and included assessor-led interventions such as an Employee Role Play, Customer Role Play & Innovation Exercise.
We were able to deliver Individual Reports, a Stack Rank Report & an Exercise Summary Report to close the loop. 

2> UKSC – Talent Evaluation for Managers

UKSC is a division of Ultratech Cement (India’s largest manufacturer of cement and part of Aditya Birla Group). They wanted to run a standardized and scientific process of talent evaluation and benchmarking for Junior Managers, Middle Managers & Senior Managers. 

Jombay deployed a Hybrid Assessment Center on Aditya Birla Group competencies.
The tool mix included 27 FORTE Personality Assessment, SOSIE Personality Assessment, Situational Judgment Test, Case Study, Inbox (Day in Life) Simulation, Leadership Challenges Series, Ravens APM and a Roleplay Exercise. This mix of auto-scored and assessor-scored tools were delivered on a single candidate dashboard to elevate & modernize the experience for assessment takers.
Insights from this exercise were able to drive development plans for the participants.

3> HFFC  – Enabling Capability Building of Branch Managers

HFFC is a young housing finance company that specializes in home loans to population segments with low credit ratings. They are a fast growing company and we are working with them to implement multiple talent assessment and development programs. One of HFFC’s priorities has been to identify the development areas of Branch Manager Designates and enable capability building. 

Jombay deployed a Hybrid Assessment Center that was conducted virtually with a combination of automated and assessor led tools on competencies such as Sustainable Business Orientation, Critical Thinking, People Leadership, Execution Excellence, Teamwork And Collaboration, Personal Efficacy.

The tool mix included 27 FORTE, Critical Thinking Assessment, Situational Judgment Test, Inbox (Day in Life) Simulation and a Behavioral Event Interview. Thrilled to get an NPS of 9 from our client partners:)

Do reach out if you would like to run an Assessment & Development center relevant to your context! You can pick a convenient time slot here.

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