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Taking back some power

“Power isn’t given to you, you have to take it.” We don’t lose power in school – girls are often outpacing boys. We don’t lose power when we start working – men and women enter the workforce at almost a

From Makers to Managers

“For as long as humans have formed tribes, it has been important to bond those tribes” For many first time managers, this sudden shift to being a people manager may be disorienting. Ingraining the “tribe” philosophy of creating bonds, establishing

Catch them young

“If you want to empower the future, you have to catch them young!” Time and again, organizations have noticed that creating a wide range of exposures for young professionals early in their career, goes a long way in making them

Bosses vs Managers vs Coaches

From telling to commanding to facilitating and partnering – many managers aren’t even aware of the paradox of Managing vs. Coaching!  Today’s managers need to be called on to do more than just assign tasks & manage resources. Managers need

Women Leadership Program

Is “Women Leadership” really different from plain old “Leadership”. I myself battled to argue that it isn’t 🙂 Yet, after decades in the corporate world, I know that we still live in a mixed era where men and women alike

Young Leaders Development Program

“We have to dig to get to the gold” Finding this gold among people, aka the high potential talent is one of the things business and HR align easily on:) Organizations need to constantly identify and find ways to retain

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