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Building Managerial Acumen at AADHAR HOUSING FINAN...

Aadhar Housing Finance is one of the largest affordable housing finance companies in India, servicing the low income sections of the society. Established in 2010, the company has now grown to 350+ branches across the country. To keep pace with

Ensuring Business Alignment at Morningstar

Morningstar is an American financial services company. Jombay designed an end to end Development Program for their senior leaders across functions. Org & Role Specific Competencies – The assessment was aligned to the organizational context at Morningstar and relevant to

Hardly anybody gets it right the first time

“Becoming a manager is not just a promotion, it’s a career change!” And with this career change, come many added challenges. As we’ve seen across industries and clients, first time managers often tend to be high-performers. They are used to

Interviewing is as much about the InterviewER

Interviews are just as much about the interviewer as they are about the interviewee! Interviews today are a window that works both ways. While candidates are being assessed, they are also taking stock of the interviewer and through him/her, of

Manager as a Coach

“A good manager is no longer JUST a manager” Today’s manager manages a workforce that is more empowered and better equipped but also in need of more direction. Throw into it a constantly changing work environment and we find that

SBI – Developing Future Leaders with Jombay

For 3 years now, Jombay has been partnering with State Bank of India to make their top 1800 leaders future ready. They recently renewed their partnership with us and we are thrilled to be asked to play a part in

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