Jombay started in 2010, with a view to reimagine the world of Assessments! We introduced one of the world’s first customizable (& yet standardized) personality assessments. We were one of the world’s first to introduce an online Inbox/Day-in-Life Simulation. We were also one of the first to introduce a Parallel Rating feature in a 360 Degree Feedback to reduce rater fatigue. 

Over the last couple of years, we have been cognizant of the fact that the world has changed drastically! And with it, the very definitions of managerial playbooks. Today, Organizations need assessments relevant to an evolving workplace. 

During this time, we felt the need to complement the existing suite of assessments with point assessments that measure new-order skills such as – Entrepreneurial Acumen, Higher Order Thinking Skills, Biases in Judgment and Decision Making, Change Agility, Appetite for Digital Innovation, Envisioning the Big Picture, and Driving Profitable Endeavors. 

So, our focus for the last 2-3 years has been to introduce these point assessments to aid  personality assessment instruments in measuring elements relevant to this new world! Here is a glimpse:

ACU-13 ASSESSMENT explores entrepreneurial acumen by tapping into the ability to innovate, think strategically, and plan effectively. The report provides a view on 3 salient clusters: Vision, Innovation & Action across 13 underlying dimensions. 

HOTS (HIGHER ORDER THINKING SKILLS ASSESSMENT) is a cognitive tool that measures the ability to recognize assumptions, evaluate arguments and draw conclusions. The report provides a view of 3 dimensions: Analysis, Evaluation & Inference.

FIT ASSESSMENT is an instrument designed to measure critical thinking attitudes and biases in judgment and decision making. The report provides a view on 2 salient clusters; Critical Attitudes & Balancing Biases and their 11 underlying dimensions. 

RAPID LEARNING INVENTORY indicates one’s approach to learning and change by measuring aspects such as Agility, Propensity to Adapt, Drive for Results, and Appetite for Digital Innovation. The report provides a view across 5 clusters of agility: Reflective, Avid, Prolific, Immersive & Disruptive and their 20 underlying dimensions. 

PAVE LEADERSHIP SURVEY is an instrument designed to understand an individual’s leadership approach by assessing aspects such as Drive for Achievement, Ability to Foster Strong Relationships, Envisioning the Big Picture, and Driving Profitable Endeavors. The assessment measures 4 clusters: Pacesetting, Affiliative, Visionary & Enterprising across 24 underlying dimensions. 

27 ECHO PERSONALITY ASSESSMENT explores an individual’s innate dispositions towards aspects of work such as Task and Structure, Thought, People & Relationships, Agility & Self-Dynamism. The assessment measures 5 salient clusters: Thought, Task & Structure, Self Dynamism, People & Relationships & Agility and 27 underlying dimensions.

SALES PROFILER is an assessment that indicates a candidate’s dominant sales style. The assessment measures 5 clusters: Resolute, Consultative, Relational, Autonomous & Navigator and their 27 underlying dimensions.

Do reach out if you would like to explore our suite of assessment tools for your talent interventions – from assessment to development

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