Jombay’s Catalogue – Assessment Tools

Today I wanted to give you an update on our catalogue of assessment tools. We categorize our assessments into four areas: BEHAVIORAL & COGNITIVE ASSESSMENTS (Personality Assessment (27 ECHO, 27 FORTE, HOGAN, Saville Wave, SOSIE, 15FQ, Caliper), Abstract Thinking Assessment,

If you get lucky, pay it forward

“My father is an auto driver. Because of the pandemic his income suffered.” “My Father & sister were admitted to hospital due to COVID 19 & a lot of money was spent.”  “Farm income went down due to low rainfall.

Jombay’s Catalogue – Development Program S...

Today I wanted to give you an update on our catalogue of leadership development program solutions. We categorize our work into four areas: > LEADERSHIP PROGRAMS (Senior Leaders, Middle Managers, First Time Managers, Future HR Leaders etc.)  > FUTURE SKILLS PROGRAMS

A Fortune 500 Retail Chain’s Journey to Assessme...

Over the last 18 months as the world went virtual and became much more connected, we continued to make significant forays into global waters. It has been a joy to proudly take products that are made in India to foreign

Success Story: Assessment Center for identifying c...

Rolling into 2021, Jombay worked with a restaurant chain with pan India presence. Known for decades for serving the best biryani, they have now expanded to many cities across the country. We ran a Virtual Assessment Center for their operations team to identify

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