Over the last 18 months as the world went virtual and became much more connected, we continued to make significant forays into global waters. It has been a joy to proudly take products that are made in India to foreign shores. 

Thought I would share a little bit about one such client journey with a multinational retail company. With 6000+ stores, the company serves more than 45 million shoppers each week across 10 countries in the USA & Europe. 

Jombay is powering a Hybrid Assessment Center to aid their hiring and talent management efforts. Over the next 3 years, we will be rolling this out to over 2000 candidates. Here are some key highlights that the client found most appealing;

> MIX OF VIRTUAL AND ASSESSOR LED TOOLS: The Assessment Center is curated with a mix of virtual and assessor led tools – a Third Party Personality Tool, Leadership Style Identifier, 360 Degree Multi Rater Survey tool, Behavioral Event Video Interview (on Jombay’s video interviewing platform) and an Assessor Led Role-Play (using Jombay’s Assessor Dashboard).

> MODERN CANDIDATE EXPERIENCE: The variety of tools used are all delivered on a unified candidate dashboard.

> TOOL COMBINATIONS BASIS EXPERIENCE LEVELS:  Assessments are configured for 10 combinations of tools across 3 experience levels. (Including Director and VP levels)

> MULTI LANGUAGE TRANSLATIONS: We will be powering assessments in 5 European languages apart from English.

> CLIENT ASSESSORS: 40+ client assessors have been empanelled to lead BEIs and Role-Plays. They will use Jombay’s Assessor Dashboard to optimize their experience.

> INTEGRATED REPORT: A single integrated report will be generated – making sense of the variety of virtual and assessor-led tools.

> 24X7 SUPPORT: Jombay’s 24X7 global customer support will ensure that candidates across the world, in different time zones are able to enjoy a seamless user experience.

Looking forward to many more such partnerships where we can help our clients in India and around the world achieve scale and optimize costs in assessment centers.

Do reach out if you would like us to power an Assessment & Development center relevant to your context!

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