What a wake up call

“All these years, the Ivy league schools created artificial scarcity, boasting of rejecting over 95% students who applied to them. It’s almost like a housing shelter bragging that yesterday they turned down 95% of the needy who needed shelter. The

Tower Building Exercise

“We would like to have something like a ‘tower building’ exercise as part of our Virtual Assessment Center. During our in-person assessment center, we usually have a group activity with legos, and the assessor evaluates the participation levels, initiative etc.

Chef curated vs. Chef cooked

The work-from-home, no-maids and closed restaurants situation has led to a splurge of DIY recipe kits curated by chefs. Having used it, and followed the recipe to the fullest, I have concluded that the taste of the food is pretty

Is it the end of the All You Can Eat Buffet

In the Covid-19 world, the all-you-can-eat buffet is dead! For a while now, the idea of a full buffet – with its uneaten pasta salads, grape topped tuna sandwiches and baked beans out of a tin, had started to become

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