“We would like to have something like a ‘tower building’ exercise as part of our Virtual Assessment Center. During our in-person assessment center, we usually have a group activity with legos, and the assessor evaluates the participation levels, initiative etc. As we transition from a virtual to a blended assessment experience, we would like to continue with such activities online as well” said a client innocently.

We helped the client understand that converting an offline AC into a virtual format would be a chance to relook at the interactivity, relook at the solution design and relook at the group dynamics and cohort sizes.

The aspects that a tower building exercise maps during a face-to-face assessment center can be captured even during the Virtual Assessment Center. The outcome will be the same, however, the methodology may be slightly different. Therefore, we recommended that the client uses a combination of our Situational Leadership based Simulation and a Group Case Study Discussion to evaluate the same competencies.

VAC is an opportunity to leverage and benefit from some of the scalable features of the online medium and also circumvent some of the restrictions posed by this virtual medium. We’ve been doing it for the last decade – so not only are we familiar with it, but also constantly improving ourselves!

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