Among emails about deadlines, contracts, proposals and those from clients, partners and colleagues, these emails are one of my favorites. This one is from a client who is a leading global provider of end-to-end Software and Cloud Technology Solutions. Our client operates out of 88 countries, with over 75K employees world wide. I’ll let you read the email so you know why I look forward to reading them 🙂 

Hello Tanvi, Pratik, and Jombay team
I’m delighted to share with you the learning effectiveness summary of batch 1 of the Cardinal Leadership development program that has been recently completed in our organization.

 Among the many positive outcomes, noteworthy are the following:

  • Behavior Change: Significant improvement in two critical behaviors  – Coaching & Feedback that has been measured through 360 degree survey, pre and post the program
  • Learning Application & Scrap Learning: 80% of learners applied the learning thus resulting in just 20% scrap learning rate.
  • Significant improvement in the annual employee engagement survey results: Scores on parameters on leadership effectiveness and giving effective feedback
  • Manager Retention: 100% people manager retention who participated in the program and 15% participants moved into new roles
  • Learner Experience: 81% net promoter score and high from the program

A big shout out to the entire consulting, content, delivery and facilitation team at Jombay. They have all been of immense support throughout this learning journey. A complete team effort that has made this tremendous impact!

It is such a joyous thing when clients map the effectiveness of learning initiatives that we undertake for them. 

If you too are looking for partners for end to end assessment and development initiatives in your organisation, do reach out!

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