From recipes of cupcakes, popcorns and ice-creams to scrambled eggs and the perfect burger by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, to french-fries and chicken biryani from grandpa’s kitchen, food videos are one of the most popular categories on Youtube with millions and millions of views. 

Having personally watched them, I have observed that some are very particular about the measurements they use, while others don’t differentiate between a tablespoon or a teaspoon, or between a heaped cup or flat cup for dry ingredients. Recipes with clear measurements are easier to follow and recreate. And recipes with vague measurements often lead to confusion and a botched output.

In an Assessment Center context, if the BARS (Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales) are not clearly defined, then we are setting up the Assessment center and the Assessors for failure. In fact, in our Virtual Assessment Center, technology allows you to have an Assessor dashboard that can enable the assessors to refer to the BARS while assigning scores real-time. Not just that, but it also allows you to enable smart-text, making the report writing and generation more standardized and consistent. Of course, there’s also a provision for personalisation, and the assessor can insert observations and comments on top of it. 

We have also enabled a Video Interview mechanism for the BEI – right in the assessor dashboard! So the assessor can see the participant speak on the left, and can rate and refer to the BARS on the right. These are inherent advantages of a Virtual medium that one can leverage to increase standardization across different assessors and their scoring styles

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