“Hurry up Paa – It’s your turn” – complained our older son, whose new found love is playing “Badam Saat”, a simple card game for all ages.

In fact our entire family, except me, has become obsessed with playing cards this summer. They want to play cards all the time – after dinners, and even on lazy afternoons during the weekends. 

But somehow, it was ME who had become the weakest link when playing! I have never enjoyed playing cards, because I almost always feel I could use my cognitive thinking somewhere else 🙂 Whenever I do play, I end up scrutinising each move and take a lot more time to make up my mind. Hence the repeated response “Hurry up Paa – It’s your turn” 🙂 

On sharing this with a colleague, she said something that has stayed with me. She said: “Come on Mohit, you don’t have to always play to win. Sometimes you play just to have fun!” And truly so, now when I get pulled into any card games, looking at the joy on the faces of my family members puts a smile right back on my face. The joy of just participating 🙂 

On that note, I hope you are keeping safe and surviving these insane times. Please remember, we are all in this together and this will be behind us very soon. 

Take care, help others and have faith!

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